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A few suggestions

  1. An option to drop any arena chest from queue without opening it.
  2. An option to replace any yet-to-open arena chest with awarded chest.
  3. An option to sell any gear from inventory tab.
  4. An option to revisit previously explored areas for experience grind.

I’d have thought 1-2 are sadly unlikely as they can currently be done by spending gems, which is how the whole thing is monetised.

3 likewise makes it easier to get gold and therefore means fewer gem purchases.

I wish they’d implement 4 too, but again the challenges are designed to slow the flow of gold and gems. If they would make a model in which replaying exploration mode cost what the challenges do, and had the same level of xp/gem/gold/equipment rewards… that’s what I’m eventually hoping for.

For the “free hardest challenge” what about putting that on a rotation?
MW: Sharpstone Keep
TuTh: Anvil one
FS: the other one
Sun: last one

Just rotate them, and there you have it. Many other games put these types of dungeons/challenges on a rotation basis. So some days we can clear the lesser leveled one, others, try to beat our PB. Etc

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