A few thoughts

I’ve been playing since July last year . So I’ve seen the raptor meta , the tank meta , etc…
What happened when it was clear a Dino was op in the past was a nerf in the next patch . Conversely if a Dino was below par it was given a buff , and the matchmaking became fresh and fun again .
Then along came boosts and they totally messed everything up . Nerfs and buffs became irrelevant and people could buy as many as they liked to reverse all the hard work done by Ludia to balance the game . Oh , I almost forgot the rat too , which has done almost as much as the boosts to get so many players to no longer battle .
So why was this done , other than for the obvious money making reason ? Can anyone realistically say why a whole game would be deliberately destroyed by such a crazy idea , and why wasn’t anyone there to say “ Hang on guys , this may not be a good idea because we may end up with way op Thor’s and rats ruining the whole game experience “ ? .
Has the game ultimately imploded ?
Will it still be around in July 2020 ?
Can anything be done to get the game back to how it was before the boosts messed it up ?
Does anyone actually think the boosts were a good idea , and if so why ?

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All I know at this point is I underestimated PoGo. It’s 3 years old now and still going strong. Sure there were changes, gripes, and bugs along the way… but they never broke the foundation of the game like with JWA in just 1 year.


That’s a good point rimshaker , myself and my wife and son still play PoGo after three years . And we reached level 40 ages ago , yet it still has appeal .
What do you think they could do with JWA to keep it alive ?

Not to rain on your parade, but I don’t know why you or anyone else at this point bother. Every single day for months now the forum is filled with complaints about:

The boosts - They are not going anywhere. They ruined the arena. Stop wasting your breath they don’t care. Buy and boost, or get left behind. (I am not defending them, just stating the facts)
Draco - The skill-less win button has barely been touched since it’s inception. You can say the tiny little nerf they gave him helped, you know you’re wrong, stop lying to yourself. And to those who will claim “I am such a good player, I have no problems with them!” ^^^ Battles used to have some fun to them. They used to have some actual strategy. Who needs that? Swap in, run, swap in, run, swap YOU WIN! YAY! Good for you! You’re so good at this game!
Thor - The crit nerf still isn’t really stopping him either.
Alliance tools - Pfft, what are alliances? Feels like they forgot they even put them in. They don’t care, go feed your dinos.
Alliance rewards changes - Read above.
Matchmaking - Another disaster. For a long time now, many players have given them good free advice on how to fix it, but they clearly would rather pay their “analysts” who in turn deliver the current brilliant way of ups and downs and who fights who.
Can we just have an AI button? - No, you can’t, and wont. They want you frustrated. They want you to lose, and in most cases miserably for lengths of time. What’s are the odds you will spend money if you can just cruise control against the AI? They are also well aware that the majority would not even bother playing in the arena having that option.

I could go on and on with all the other complaints, but again, THEY DO NOT CARE. You have two options:

Do what they want you to do, and play it that way, while hopefully spending some money.
Stop spending money or quit and stop letting them drag you along through all the crap you’re annoyed by.

I’ve tried to give them a chance over the past couple months to make at least a couple things right. They haven’t, and they wont. I’ve been playing since day 1, and the last day is right around the corner.


Great post OmegaRed .
That pretty much sums it up for me .

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