A few weeks later - Have boosts destroyed the game?


A few weeks after this massive change and introduction of boosts, do we enjoy it?

Have you accepted this new game with more health, speed and damage?

Do you still have problem in the arena?

How can we keep it up week after week with new sales of boosts?

Let me know!

Is the game better then ever!?


I think boosts are here to stay regardless so I think most have accepted them now, with a grumble.

The Arena is sorting itself out. I’m having much better match ups since the new update. The Arena has become more enjoyable I think.

None of us are going to be happy with everything but yes, despite some unnecessary nerfs I do think that the game is getting a lot better.

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I don’t like the boost at all but the boost aren’t my main concern anymore.

I just want to be able to play the game. Spin supply drops launch my drone shoot dinosaurs. You know the basics. Have my map load.

1.7 crashed my game constantly.
1.8 makes it lag so bad. I can’t even play.

Today I shot a 34 and a 68 on 2 different brachiosaurus! I’m not a great shooter on that dino but I the lag 100% was the cause of those low darting. I was shooting at least 115 or so, over 100 still not great but I never shoot that bad ever. I hit perfect on some commons. I’m beyond mad about it.

Then I was going to buy my girlfriend and I phones that have 2gb of ram opposed to our 1gb ram phones and now I’m reading 2gb ram isn’t good enough either.

I’ve played religiously for over a year just fine until 1.7 and their stupid stat boost. Now 1.8 officially ruined my experience. 1.9 the game probably won’t even launch because it glitches and flashes the screen on 23/24 now.

Thanks Ludia for ruining the 1 thing I enjoy doing after I get off work. Working 12 hour shifts. Apparently you guys don’t work because you can’t fix and bugs or glitches or make the game for everyone. Only the people who can afford brand new phones. Thanks.


I’m fine with boosts. Yes it does cause some issues, but it’s not that bad. I’m still happy playing.

@Phil if I may ask, what phone are you using? I’m using a basic Samsung with 2GB memory that can’t even have the AR but it runs fine with no lag.

Nerf this buff that dont make sense, when u put boost this game was official PtW, balance this doesnt make sense, thats good for ludia more money, good for rich people, they dont care the rest, i dont play serius tournament they dont care, i still enjoy the grind and level up.all the dinos.

So what do i think about boost, i dont like it but if u feel good whit there enjoy ur self.

i use an iPhone 6. it’s bad…really bad, but before 1.7 and the whole last year it was just fine. my girlfriend @Deanna_Marie uses a Samsung Galaxy Express Prime and hers is about as bad as mine.

I think it is horrible. There is no balance, no standard, no strategy, no way to really build a quality crew. The whole first year of the game, working and tweaking, right in the dumpster and set on fire.

Best folks do now is build a few monsters and throw the fastest, hardest hitting one in first. If theirs are faster and boosted more than yours they most likely will win. If yours are faster and boosted more, you likely win. And if you do manage to get them down…. Boosted Rat time.

For me, not a lot of fun. If DBI’s did not help the Alliance missions I would never enter arena. I knew the boost war was unwinnable and decided not to even get involved in trying. I have my same crew from before 1.7 and have not bothered even leveling up anything, no reason to. I fall enough in trophies to where I am simply that much larger than my opponents and even their boosted Majunga and Eina can’t one shot me. I basically start to win by default. I rise enough in trophies to where boosted creatures several levels higher, one shot me and beat me back down.

If it wasn’t for AI every second loss, I would simply start a battle and put the phone down. I will get to the point I win not even playing and get an incubator. Basically what I do now, only I hit the attack buttons. Not a lot of strategy setting up a crew, just send in the biggest ones.

Possibly it is different in the higher arenas or in the early Arenas. Maybe some folks do still get to actually have strategy and fun battles. Mid-level arenas, not so much.


Ludia prob use big data to play our life: buff dinos which are the least boosted, then nerf those heavily boosted. So we are chasing these for several weeks, and then chase those for another several weeks, with our wallet getting thinner and thinner

I got 4gb I think

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Yes…character limit

I feel your passion of the game. The old passion and the change coming and taking it away.

I have nearly same thoughts as you.

I have started to enjoy the idea behind having some kind of boosting. Using dinos with good quality, but a lack of damage,speed or health, could give some variation in the arena.

If this boost was not for sale, but instead by earning in some kind of tournaments, I think that could be a great add for the game.

As now, even if we spend money this week on boosts, we will fall after next week. In a few months, those players who hunted and collected last year will be REALLY far from the top - IF THEY don’t spend more.

And this is far from my philosophy of paying 2-3 times more for same thing.


I can see where folks would enjoy boosts, I really can. Having that big, bad monster you can just trash your opponents with! Or, your opponent has a bigger one and trashes you. But no matter, next match may be your chance again!!

It just isn’t for me is all. I prefer where both opponents stand an equal chance, it comes down to team selection and strategy. Even if your opponent out leveled you, played right, you can beat them. I remember some great Tryko vs Tryko battles! Battles you can play mind game to win… or lose. Was never a fan of dodge or evasive, never had that as a ‘strategy’: Enter arena… Evasive/cloak first thing! Dodge, you win, opponent hits through it, you lose. Not much of a strategy at all.


Destroyed the game is a matter of personal perspective. Boost buyers and people content with the game no matter what will be fine. People like myself whos tempers flare up when running inte opponents who both outlevel / outboost them or use Dracos, yeah the the game is definitely ruined. I’m not sure how much more I can take of this game.


Definitely not getting better imo, nowadays seeing more base uniques, but boosted to high heavens lol. Playing in mid aviary btw.
But you know what? The season prizes are not exactly the greatest, if it were like last time, where epic incubator was the prize, perhaps I’ll feel more sore haha.

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Boosts are a huge corruption to the game.

Pre boosts, I could interchange at least a few different dinos and still have a fair match. Now just getting a dino up to level isn’t enough. I have to super boost the thing also or it’s nothing more than cannon fodder.

I barely touch PvP on my main account but totally enjoy playing my non boosted mid level dinos on my 2nd account and I have 40 of them I can inter change out and have a fair match. I’m just touching the bottom of boosted teams. I’m starting to run into some boosted dino’s.

I have no desire to go up in arenas on my 2nd account. I can get a bot after 2 losses and get incubators. I’m really sick of playing the same 8 dinos against everyone else’s same 8 dino’s on my main account. Every battle is deja vu. Every other battle I get draco’d. I just don’t even care to PvP at all on my main. It’s monotonously repetitive… pointless even.

If they made it so we had to have a 12 dino team, I can see PvP become great again. They need to give us a choice to play non boosted against other non boosted teams or boosted against boosted teams.

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i evenly boost the dinos. i support the devs and buy boosts when on sell. i still go out and hunt for dna, havent missed a step there. matchmaking is taking a turn for the best. if you havent boosted your team then i see where the problem is. no, i dont have a “monster” that i like to throw out there lol, my team is evenly boosted. it helps deal with those monsters.

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135 Thor has seriously bored me to death


Until you meet a 147spd lvl27 tenontorex lol

Have boosts destroyed the game? No
Have boosts destroyed arena balance? Yes

If they ditched Speed Boosts it would be okay because then counters and such still make sense, but while you can have a Thor faster than Velociraptor its just dumb lol