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A few words to support and developers

Dear Ludia,

Your approach to customers and game maintenance is terrible.

Mario from support now ansvered to my service ticket about the endless loading freeze bug which appeared to the game after the last content update.

He wrote that he is sorry and that he will send 3 Clan Energy, 3 Arena Energy and 36 Exploration Energy to my mailbox as a compensation. He also wrote that this bug might re-occur until the developers is able to implement a fix.

After 4 days without any suport’s response to this bug it looks like just a bad joke.

I personaly have lost 18 alpha energy bolts since the error occurred.
Only with the current alpha dragon I have already lost 3 alpha energy bolts and our clan has not defeated any alpha dragon since this error occured.
I have already lost more than 50 energy bolts in the arena, I lost the winning streak 5 times and I spent unnecessarily 400 runes on energy, which I subsequently lost.
I don’t even count energy lost during the exploration battles …

I’m a paying player, I’m spending real money in your game, and I think you just robbed me of that money.



Hey there, Pehta. I’m very sorry to hear that your experience with our support team was not as positive as we would like it to be.

At the moment, our team is still looking into this issue and actively working on a solution. However, I can definitely understand the frustration that this has caused you, and I’ll be sure to share your feedback with our team!


everyone has a freezing problems ludia. and our lost energies have become too much. both alpha, arena and exploration. So everyone should be compensated. at least a little relieves us. In this way, waiting for an answer from support is frustrating. It has been 3 days and still no response. @Ned

now the new alpha started and again the game was endless loading. 1 clan of energy wasted
gone. again and forever!


I made my way here to report the freezing bugs as well. I too, am a paying player who hosts a clan, it sucks to lose Alpha plays and other things when the game refuses to load them. I have, on average since the last update, lost 1 out of every 3 Alpha plays…members of my clan are reporting the same. Hard to maintain an active clan if everyone leaves due to frustration.


This is getting ridiculous… it is starting to be commonplace that we (in my clan) ALL lose at least one of every three tries in EVERY Alpha battle.


Things seem a bit silent on the Lydia support front.:confused:


I really don’t think they care. Updates that are not tested and break the game are commonplace with Ludia, at least with this game. Last time this happened, the game was broken for over a week with Alpha battles completely removed from the game.


Still struggling! They want our money but don’t seem to care about the game. Again, my third Alpha attempt was met with perpetual …loading. Again, lost an Alpha attempt. My pocketbook is now closed to Lydia.


Hey everyone. Just want to let you all know that the team is still working on resolving this as soon as possible!

Rest assured the support team will reply to your email as soon as they can to see what they can do under the circumstances. I recommend refraining from updating your message before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue.

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Can we Hope a global compensation from Ludia ? Every players won’t contact you but every players are impacted by these issues.

At this point i don’t know which part of this game is bugging or not, when we had a recent breedery bug and i still continue to spend my runes to get VV and only get 3* for over 100 trys. I don’t know what the community can Hope from you but your communication is terrible and you should make a big effort to excuse yourself for this period cause your players are leaving this game…


Wow was für ein tolles Update - kein einziger Fehler wurde behoben!
Was machen eigentlich die Techniker?
Werden die nur für das rum sitzen bezahlt?
Ich glaube ich fange bei Ludia an - da muss man nichts können und man bekommt trotzdem sein Geld.

Ja ich bin selbst Programmierer und muss für mein Geld arbeiten!

Wow what a great update - not a single bug was fixed!
What are the technicians actually doing?
Are they only paid for sitting around?
I think I’ll start at Ludia - you don’t have to be able to do anything and you still get your money.

Yes, I am a programmer myself and have to work for my money!


Continually losing plays

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Love your snarkiness!! But you are spot on!


Ned this is unacceptable! This has been an ongoing issue with this game for 2 weeks now. Ludia has been made aware of this by myself and many other players both by this forum and emails. Most have gone unanswered or get a cheap corporate generated response. At this time I am bringing this issue to Google’s Playstore with screenshots as well as email chains in hopes they force a quick resolution.


Still losing plays, though now it has changed from the 3rd to the 2nd being lost. Wish I could get a refund!

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Still an issue!

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That’s the main problem. STOP SPENDING MONEY ON THIS GAME!
Ludia doesn’t deserve that.
They doesn’t use your money to make a better game, they use them only to fill their already fat wallets to the brim.

The “BUGdates” they make to the game are the main evidence. Everytime a so-called “update” for the game comes, the game gets a new load of bugs, and they’ll never solve these bugs because they don’t want to.
I mean, why they should fix them until people still spend runes (and real money to buy them) to recover all the energy that get lost because of glitches?

Funny thing, about a year ago Ludia banned me for 24hrs for cheating, despite I’ve never cheated in this game. When I asked for an explanation, they refused to give that to me.
And it looked like I wasn’t the only victim of this joke.

What should we do, now that LUDIA ITSELF IS THE CHEATER?

Some time ago I was planning to join to the Flight Club for money… glad I didn’t do that!

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i’m Giving money? never. I’m one step away from deleting the game. I am so bored.


The part about stop spending money was for paying players, obv.
I’m a free player too, and it looks like our choice is the best one.

problems are not solved and there are always problems for years and it never gets better.