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A Fierce Súper Hybrid!


This seems pretty good, but maybe you could have brought something from Wooly Rhino as well, maybe Decelerating Impact ( I know its Resilient Impact, but its close enough and it doesn’t break the dino) so that it also has a bit of utility. Its pretty solid, and while 10% armor isn’t much, it adds up to 4950 health if you can’t pierce it. Overall, nice creature. Maybe more box like jaws from Allo, but it looks good regardless


A bit op got to admit with that 1700 attack that’s a lot of damage

Maybe take away the rampage and change it for invincibility from rhino and give it the swap in and lower the attack


Maybe not the swap in, but the rampage for invincible could work well for it.

i know that its fierce,
but why not add a move from wolly rhino like wounding deceleration (decelerating strike+lethal wound)
or decelerating strike or lethal wound

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It lost lethal wound. However, it has 2 other good moves to help it out.

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no wounds!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

It now has Resilient Impact, however, and lots of shields, plus that swap in stunning strike