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A friend asked me about the game

“Is it cool?” - he asked

“It’s awesome!” - I answered - “Only problem is that lags happen every time I play it, the matchmaking of PVP sucks, the battles glitch sometimes, the move buttons occasionally disappear or don’t work as intended, the creatures’ strength and usefulness are terribly unbalanced, there’s a horrible speedtie system worse than anything I’ve ever seen in any game of this sort, RNG is extremely present and decisive on match outcomes, there’s a cool raid thing that unfortunately takes more time getting the raid to work than actually battling in it, I could swear their percentage programming doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, I can never see the correct DNA donations in the chat, almost every week something goes wrong during weekly events and I have to reset the game every time I want to collect my daily rewards or the DNA I requested….

…but other than that, it’s awesome!”


And what positive elements did you say there was? Focusing on negatives isn’t helping draw new players in.

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Well,the game devs don’t help us to find positive elements.


Lol, I didn’t try to “focus” on anything, it was a very honest answer… Which is something to think about… Too many things wrong with the game…

And the worst part is, I still felt like I was forgetting something :rofl:


Dude just face facts, the negative elements considerably outweigh the positive elements.

If he said “it’s awesome” and then proceeded to list the positive elements against the negative elements they’d probably find it a laughing stock because the positive list will be extremely small, and ALL of that is because of Ludia.


The comment was obviously a joke to my friend (a joke based on truth). But if ya really wanna know the rest, yes, he said something like “Why you play it then?” and I said the main reason: “the friendships I’ve made with the alliance thing”… which unfortunately isn’t a big reason for someone to START playing since that’s something that happened during the course of months and years


For me it’s the potential.
I remember how awesome the game was in beta and I keep holding on.
“If I just stick around long enough they will fix it” is my mentality… but the 30/30 “Temporary” fix is becoming the longest lived mechanic.
I’m kinda worried about the future.


I just told my best friends this exact same thing. :woman_facepalming:

I used to always recommend this game to people, and I succeeded in getting others to play.

I don’t do it anymore, though. 2.0 was what ruined the game for me, with all the massive nerfs everywhere (that were pointless). I’m also in the boat of ‘staying for the friends in my alliance’.

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I wasn’t poking a hole in @Arnold 's discussion. It was a genuine query because I think any discussion like this with a potential new player should cover both the positive and negative aspects. A balanced approach if you will.


I think I would call that “hope”. I used to have a lot more of it, but now… Not only the game is not improving but it’s getting worse… More RNG, more swap in damage and more speedties… Simply the three things that drive me and many others away the most.


Yes, there are some elements that need fixing. No argument there but, at least for myself, the game is a lot better than many give it credit for.


Idk i think cyberpunk was probably worse. I never played it myself but if it got pulled from the online ps and Microsoft stores then it must’ve of been very bad lol

Yeah but if you fix the bugs breaking cyberpunk and you have a good/great game. You can’t categorize Ludias design philosophies as bugs and those have hurt this game worse then the bugs.

The original gameplay loop of this game was great going out hunting for dna and using that for pvp. Nowadays though hunting helps you to an extent but ultimately your depending on raid dna, fips, mission dna, and events. Every update hunting dna becomes less and less important.

Most of the things I do in this game to progress these days aren’t things I’d consider good gameplay… darting useless Dino’s for missions… fiping the same Dino over and over… doing the same strikes week in and week out. I don’t do those because I find the gameplay fun I do those as a means to an end. And pvp used to be fun enough that justified doing those activities day in and day out but these days not so much.


From what i heard it was unplayable like literally unplayable. At least this you can log on collect your six hour feed a couple creatures and then log off. But in this case i guess it be considered stale and boring. Every game will eventually get to that phase especially if you are a long time player.

I also used to recommend the game to friends prior to 2.0. But after that, I haven’t in good conscience been able to. Until Ludia fixes the broken gameplay, I don’t want to subject any friends to same frustration I have with the game. I’ve been playing since the beginning so can deal with it, but not sure how much longer that will last unless things improve fast.


Thank god for alliances!

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It wouldn’t be friendship to recommend this game.

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It was only in an unplayable state on the last gen consoles… while still a buggy mess it was playable on next gen consoles and good PCs. Try playing this game on a mid range android device from a few years ago and you’ll have a similar experience here. And honestly it’s not just a cyberpunk thing the whole game industry has gotten away with launching broken games for so long it’s now the norm. Whether it’s outriders deleting your gear. The miserable package that was Fallout 76 when it released. Heck, wildcard put out a patch this week for Ark that managed to delete single player saves on xbox if you try to load it during a two day window. I lost 2 years of work in that one. So no Ludia isn’t alone in the bug department.

The original gameplay loop of this game wasn’t stale for me. I still try to enjoy hunting but Ludia decided the actual ar game wasn’t the path they wanted end game progression to matter with.

If someone asked me to describe the game I’d be like, “well it’s kinda like pogo but when it launched and your screen is full of rattas, pidgey and caterpies. But you wanna dart them mostly just to case they ever buff them and to come plate your daily’s and alliance missions. So your mostly just hunting for green stops with event Dino’s. Then their is pvp which is broken and unbalanced. Theirs these boosts you can grind or buy and their kinda pay to win but more like pay to advance fast. Then when you finally do all that to hit end game you get to fight these matches against other players and if all things are equal the match is determined by draw, boost builds, and rng none of which you have much control over during a battle.”

That’s the long description, the short one would be like “let me tell you about this games speed tie system the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in a competitive game”

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The speed tie system could easily be solved by updating the speed stat. Kinda dumb now that its still capped at 132. The range needs to go up at least 50 percent.

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