A fun aesthetics thing you should add

I think it would be cool to be able to change the color of your creatures. It would make things a lot more fun. Like for example, I love Monolemetrodon, but its colors absolutely disgust me. If i could change it to have similar colors to Thor, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Please add this.

  • Yes, this would be awesome.
  • No, we are fine how we are

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The idea of “skins” has been around a long time and I would say 99% of the player base is all for it, I would say eventually it’ll be a thing but they wont be free


And that’s totally fine, as long as they are only cosmetic


i know! This would just be so cool to have!

Outcome of this:
fast-forward to 2037
(normal benefits)…
(various 2x cash and stuff)

based on the way Ludia puts out these rapid updates, there won’t BE a 2037

imagine a indom with camo

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technically it does, but that would be cool

I’d rather they monetise skins than boosts. But having a few be unlockable through special events would be nice.

In order for this to work each dino would need an A and B color zone, each being individually changeable… otherwise it would be the same couple of new colors

Completely agree with this feature! At least put like 5 different skins for us to use - and you could have premium skins for purchase besides premium pay-to-win items. It would be a cooler and fairer game.

Oh, and I like the exactly opposite, Thor with Monolometrodom skin would be siiiick :sunglasses:

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