A fun change to swap in stunning damage

How about this - when someone swaps in their stunning strike trash and the stun lands BOTH creatures are stunned (regardless of the swap in creature’s resistances or immunities). The swap in junk still gets the damage. If the recipient survives, speed would dictate who wakes up for the next turn. So if the poor soul on the receiving end of a swap in hit is faster, they take the damage, but wake up first to a stunned opponent… BUT, if the swap in takes out a creature, the swap in stunner will remain stunned and incoming creature will always go first.

This only applies to swap in DAMAGING stunners. Swap in stun with NO damage remains as-is. (Anky Lux, Giganyx, etc…)

Could really make people who use that “strategy” think twice about relying on it.

I know this will be unpopular, but feel free to discuss. I’m not sure how to deal with swap-OUT stunners… but since this is not as much of a cheap shot as swap in, I’m not to fussed about it.

No thanks