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A fun way to drop trophies

I wanna try some different teams, so I have to go back some arenas… But why not have fun while I’m at it? Can usually take down at least one with these guys


I’m giving you the rat family to destroy. Enjoy! I can feel the hate when players use the strongest move to take them down :rofl:


Man, I thought I wouldn’t have to drop so much… We got high levels even in the marshes… Yeah, this is seriously unbalanced…

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How about staying at the level you are supposed to be and not impede the progress of others by dropping?


I’m hoping to keep a crew at all levels so I can drop back down again after the tournament. I love playing with different sets! @Arnold

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I notice you haven’t seen my many posts complaining about people who do that kind of bullying. How about you read correctly? I’m going to TRY DIFFERENT teams. That means play with weaker dinos… When I want to go back up I’ll gradually put back some of the strongest one by one.

That’s my idea Kristi :slightly_smiling_face:

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In no way shape or form was I bullying you. So take your thin skin snowflake self away and keep playing your game

Wow you have problems understanding things huh :rofl:… The bullying I’m talking about is dropping trophies to beat lower level players with stronger dinos.

BTW my “stronger dinos” are all at 22 and one at 23… I just dropped down to the Marshes where it’s full of 21’s. So even if I’m back at “full power” it wouldn’t make much of a difference. So don’t whine about it okay? :joy: