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A fusing experiment


I saw a post about a month ago about waiting for specific animations before hitting the button so I toyed with it for a while. I have found that if I count to 10 Mississippi before hitting fuse I consistently get more than 10, I 1 point yesterday I hit 3 20s then 2 30s then 2 50s. Yes it still yields the occasional 10 but rarely. Id love to hear if others get this result as well as any other count times that seem to work


Let’s just say I get 10s a lot less now


I tried to pet a cat with my right hand while petting a dog with my left hand and hitting fuse button with my nose : got 70 and 50.
I tried switch animals but I got 20 and 10.


I tried flipping a quarter into a cup which activated a switch that in turn flowed water into a bucket that once filled pulled a rope to another switch that released a bowling ball to roll down a track and drop right on the button on my phone to fuse the indoraptor…

Don’t try this at home boys and girls, it didn’t work and I had to get a new phone!


Gonna try and fuse while in church this weekend.


RNG is on your side it seems. I can’t see that delaying when you press fuse would have any effect on the game’s RNG mechanics. I think maybe you’re kidding yourself.


Well I guess I’ll just have to continue kidding myself considering this is been working for me fairly consistently for about a week and a half


You all have it wrong! Best luck is fusion on the toilet!

Every time I flush I get 50

Don’t worry I live in an apartment and don’t pay for the water! I use recycled water !! Ewwwww!!


I sacrifice a chicken to the jwa gods at sun rise while spinning on the spot four times really fast. Works a charm.


Works better with Turkey :turkey:.

Than I give Thanks that the RNG gods are so Giving


I wouldve thought goat but I must admit my pagan ritual knowledge is a bit lacking


Cmon you know goats only get you TRexs


If its random you lose a bit of time doing the systems but not to much.

I recorded myself doing a complete level of Suchotator averaged 24.6 per fuse. 20 boring minutes of fusing. That sounds like it wasn’t any extra. But it passes the time trying it. Better than just getting mad at each 10.:grinning:


I only have little arms I didn’t think I would be able to control a goat :joy:


Actually I think they may have heard us, updated the amount of DNA RNG gives you, and fixed the 10-sodding-DNA every press problem. Thanks RNGeesus!


If you dont care to try… Dont… But ummm…

They didnt load in exactly the right order but you get the idea


No one is actually knocking you. There are good runs and bad runs no matter how you try to cheat the rng.

Not doing anything but fast fusing, I have had a run of 90, 70, 100, 50, 40, 60.

Have also had many runs of 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.

I have logged so many fuses on a graph paper note book that it takes 5 solid pages. No matter what tricks are employed to cheat the rng gods. There is not a pattern or a gimmicky way around the fact that, it gives you what it gives you. At least not that I have found.

The best one can do from what I have tracked is simply fuse junk dino until you think you’re in a sweet spot and jump to that legendary or unique and fuse a few times. But that’s still a gamble and the best way I can find.


Lol… Thanks, I genuinely appreciate you trying to ease my mind but pretty much everyone who commented is familiar and always friendly. I am not sensitive and I also recognise good natured ribbing.

Those fuses were just then to prove a point, Ive been on a “lucky run” for give or take 10 days just by doing this. If you dont want to try it, dont… No hard feelings


Oh I’m just joking, I’ll try anything to avoid 10. :joy:


Oh I know. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Pulsating level arrow timing.

The light that passes over the countdown timers of the incubator times.

The movement of the dino.

Predetermined times hits.

Fast fusing.

Alternating dino fusing.

I finally gave up and just stuck with my trying to find a sweet spot to switch to a legendary or unique that I can fuse at minimum of three times on.

That fails more than I like as well haha.

I’m just not blessed to get good runs on demand.