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A fusion story


Found a sino this morning (the first amazing part of the story…) and managed to get just over 200 DNA with darting and what I already had. My utahsino was at 0 so I figured I might get to 50 for one fuse on my 'rinex which was at 150 (250 to reach L23). First fusion - 30. Second - 20. I’m thinking 'nice, I’ll be close to another 50 when I’m done. Next fusion - 30. Final fusion? 20. Right on! made it to 100 on four fuses.

Pop over to my utarinex and hope for the best, but figure it’s a unique, get ready for two 10s. First fusion? 80. That puts me at 230. Fully expecting a 10 to leave me 10 away from leveling it up… 30. BAM. 110 DNA from 2 fuses ON A UNIQUE!

Not to shabby. :slight_smile:


Congrats. My Iraptor doesn‘t wanna get pushed. 20,20,20,20,20,30,10,10,10.


I saw the word “fusion” and wasn’t expecting a happy ending. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.


Like most things in this game my fusion rng seems to favor some dinos more then others…i got one 10 fusing thor it was mostly 30s few 20s and a 50…indo has also been pretty good luck my last indo fuse was a 70.

Indom on the other hand is mostly 10s with a few 20s… tyranoloph and dilouran are also almost always 10 fuses for me…

Atleast i tend to get the good fuses on the uh unique for the most part though.