A game actually designed to punish investment

So basically; you can devote hours of your time to this game. You can throw away money on it. You can hike for miles because for some reason they reduced the number of green drops in your area. You can invest so much of yourself into the game. And it just rewards you with a smack to the face and a kick to the nuts. All that effort building up your dinos, all the effort playing as well as you can to barely scrape a hundred trophies; all for nothing when an epic strike with excessive rng comes your way, and random team roll decides to make sure your team is constantly countered and rng crit-stun-dodges you into oblivion all the way down 300 trophies.

Why do I make myself keep playing this thing? I feel like the universe is trying to stop me but I keep coming back like an abused spouse.


Both the Indom and Indor kept crit me with each hit. I never get one after another on one Dino let alone two. But I’m sure some will come along and praise that it’s totally fair and to buck up.

We’ve all been there. I failed the 1st Indo strike event weeks ago because it countered everything i did even though i have some high level dinos. I go on losing streaks some nights too. It happens.

I could handle failing because of power discrepency. What I cannot handle is the blatant rng blanking me over TWICE, and ludia ratcheting up the price of retries just because they can. AND THEN getting home to arena, where all the hard work i’ve put in over the last week to barely break 3800 was obliterated in half an hour and tumbled me all the way back down to 3500. Not because of high level opponents or skillful plays, but because BAM there’s a crit BAM theres a stun BAM theres a dodge and that’s 3 losses, and on the rare instances that doesnt happen and you’re playing a nice, even, challenging game? BAM their last dino is exactly the one that beats you. Today has just been one gut shot after another with this game.


You’re absolutely right about Ludia. I also don’t like what they seem to be doing now. Soon they will notice a huge drop in people playing their game. It’s a joke they made the last strike event so difficult to win for Halloween. I’m very close to remove it off my phone.

I’m with you man, this rng sucks.

imo it wouldve been a joke if it was easy. these strikes are meant to be a challange. i won with 2 dinos. a spinotosuchus and stegodeus. build your teams and compete. you said you work really hard, lets see your team?

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I feel the exact same! I work so hard to get the dinos, and when the game decides to actually reward me with a rex, my game decides to say that I dont have an internet connection! I literally have a good internet, and I cant even get that rex… then the game spawns another, this time too far away! I keep saying: I’m uninstalling this game! But I just cant stop playing it!

It definately has its extremely frustrating moments for sure, but even with that I find it more fun than maddening. I have a couple rescue chihuahuas, one was on 3 day death row and I was able to save her. Both will bite strangers and even people they know and I think the one is bipolar lol. Somewhat related to the topic because we take the good with the bad :blush:

I remember the indoraptor strike… I had no legendarys, and I couldn’t believe I beat it! Then awhile later, indominus strike! Couldn’t beat the indominus strike, but I could beat the indoraptor?

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There’s a huge difference between “easy” and “possible”.

ok… but i never entered it saying its impossible and i did find it to be one of the easiest ones this event.

Pre 1.3 you faced a bot after 3 defeats against human players. I think it would be a good idea to bring this back. It would lessen the chances of long losing streaks. Maybe facing a bot after 5 defeats now.