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A general thank you thread. Do not post off topic

Ludia, you created Jurassic World Alive! as a free app with fantastic animation, amazing dinosaur models, fun gameplay, battling and hunting. You listened time and time again and made changes to your game in an attempt to please everyone, which you already know is impossible when you have over a million players. Still, you tried your best.

I have VIP not just for the benefits, but to support you in return. I don’t honestly agree games like this should be free in the first place because it means the amount of work isn’t being properly being paid for in my eyes, but I like that these games have the option to purchase things so you all get paid for the work you do.

It just just be very, very hard, honestly, and I appreciate the multiple attempts you’ve made despite drawbacks here and there.

I still enjoy the game; I likely always will.

Thank you for it. It can be frustrating, challenging, and yes, at times unfair, but if it were only these things I would have stopped playing. It is so much more fun than it is to any degree frustrating.

I’ll continue to enjoy it and to maintain my VIP. To me, VIP just means I’m thanking the people who’ve worked hard on this game with whatever meager means I can.

Thanks again. Love the game.

(Carnotaurus love forever!)


Just a quick thanks for the anniversary events and gifts this week. That’s pretty cool guys, thanks. :heart_eyes:


@Bluesbaby that’s exactly my thoughts as well.


Merry Christmas! Oh… gifts… anniversary. Ah. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Happy anniversary!

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