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A gift for your costumer support

Okay so im gonna be brief, i lost alot of battle because of the usual rng excuse. So the next game i was suppose to win but i got cut off immidietly so i despreately try reconnect and when i did i couldnt press any of my skill. All i have to do is press cleansing impact on my indoraptor and i win! 1.5x damage thats all! But NOPE it wouldnt let me click on and automaticly pick the basic attack.
Rage going through my head and i went up to chat with the help and support about it with ALOT of strong colorfull language. I was FOR SURE this was it. Im gonna get banned. Their policy clearly states that they wont condone bad words… so after that i got a message from them. And i dint expect it at all. They gave me two epic incubator which was … punched me in the jaw. And so i apologize to them and promised them that i would give them a gift as well and post it on the forum.
It happend two times. And i wont rage to the costumer support anymore.

So heres the gift.

And a hybrid idea! Its a called spinoconvanator.

The skills is simple a counter attack and a bleed.

I hope ludia passes this on to their customer support. This is my thanks to them for being very profesional.


Nice drawings there! so was the 2 epic incubators any good?


Absoluty i forgot to paste it…and thank u for the likes :slight_smile: i appriciate it !

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Wait, what…? Epic incubators…?

Yep i was a shock as u are.

Wow great stuff there :smile:

Moral of the story. Be a D and get rewarded for it.


Oh wow so basically last time I complained in nice words they didn’t compensate me anything … only said sorry. But they compensate with angry customers? Shall we all in the future use dirty languages to them? How is this fair?

Awesome drawings mate!
I’m an artist too :slight_smile:
I’ve come up with some Dino ideas too… lol there should be a thread for this XD

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There actually is.

I think…

Wanna colab for a hybrid idea ?


Yes of course!


How do i privet message u !!! ? Nvm i found it

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