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A Godzilla thread!

So uhhhh this is completely Different. This thread is for Godzilla Stuff Idk why I made this I love gojira So much That I decided to this, anyways, have fun.




Does this mean anything? Did gojira Titanus image create A new symbol?

A Godzilla vs Kong strike event should definitely be in the game but unfortunately not because copyright reasons.

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Team Gojira or Kong?

Monke vs iguana
  • Iguana (Godzilla)
  • Monke (Kong)

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Oh hungry dragon And hungry shark Put Godzilla as a shark/dragon. They didn’t get copyright strikes because they changed names and they changed it a bit. So that’s no prob.

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What could happen is a boss! a giganthopithecus to be exact! a giant one rivaling the size of our own gojira, mortem rex! it can maybe even be a campaign lvl that needs apex’s as I’ve suggested before

Perhaps if they add gojirasaurus and gigantophitecus

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Pray that we get a three headed suchopteirus as a Ghidorah boss in JW:TG

Pray that we get a hybrid of pteranodon And the other tournament ankylosaur (because Rodan Has A pterosaur body And what looks like the tournament ankylosaur head)

Pray that we get a friendly looking Pterosaur boss as mothra.

Pray that we get A giant spider boss as Muto prime

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I had the idea for a ground sloth + elephant hybrid so we could get something that looks close like behemoth

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Also I need something really furry, So furry that it looks like it’s fur is melting. So I can fuse it with monke and make hedorah

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What’s your favorite Godzilla?

  • MechaGodzilla
  • Thermo Godzilla
  • Earth Godzilla
  • Thermo 2019 Godzilla
  • 2014 Godzilla
  • Zilla
  • Godzilla 2021
  • Heisei Godzilla (Old Godzilla)
  • Space Godzilla
  • Shin Godzilla
  • Kamari-kin (basically unevolved Godzilla)
  • The second form of shin Godzilla
  • Godzilla Jr.
  • Godzilla’s son

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Sorry not Kamari-kin, Kamatu-kun

no regular 2019 monsterverse goji?

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Oof!Forgot that madman! But 2014, 2019, Amd 2021 are the same expect different sizes and 2021 has a different pattern on his plates.

So yeah I’m so sorry about that, I wish I can edit the poll

Other than increasing in size every film, 2014 goji has more spiked plates while 2019 has more og godzilla style plates, and they seem to grow a bit more in 2021

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Save your vote for five minutes later, this will get edited!

The biggest plate On Titanus Gojira ( 2014-2021, or as you can call him modern Godzilla, And Legendary films Godzilla) Is almost twice the size of camarasaurus!

Yeah we all goin’ iguana mode