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A good alliance!

Im looking for a good alliance! By that I mean that these criterias should be checked:

  • active in sanctuaries
  • active in missions
  • active donations
    Im level 19 and would like to join an alliance that consists of active players. Im an active player and a generous donater.
    My Ingmar name is: DaBestAdoom

Hey, Toxic Royals are looking for active and dedicated players. If you don’t mind joining discord and following some rules we’ll be happy to have you

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If you’re willing to join Dilligaff we’re happy to add you. 5/4 this week aiming for 5/5. Do expect you to be active on all points you’ve pointed out as well :wink: send me PM if you’re interested

We’re looking for members in IslandofMisfitRaptors !

Dinomite Fight Club will have a few open spots on tues or wed. Purge will begin after reset. Should have between 3 and 6 spots open this week. 5/4 past 5 weeks except once (rare dna mission) and knocking on it this week too.

I have sent the request!

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