A good defense rare and treasure chests are up


Treasure chests are out today!

Treasure chests are out! Time to go hunting me hearties!


Ahrrrrr! Talk like a pirate we must


Time to find some street corners and get some money :moneybag::slight_smile:


I’m already capped on my coins and treasure chests disappeared after I collected only 1


A Good Defense was pretty easy. Faced Ankylo Gen 2, Apato, Armarg, Euoplo. looking forward to the Epic tower.


Wooohoooo. I mean ahrrrrrr


I just can’t find a single chest this time. Is that normal?


I only found one. They are pretty rare.


I could see 4 from my house. But they all disappeared after I collected one. Wish i could’ve seen the red message that popped up near the bottom. It went away too fast


I went out to get treasure chests and I got one chest! It gave me 2496 coins and then every chest on the map disappeared. I reloaded the game I reset my internet on my phone and the chests are just gone! This is a consistent issue with the treasure chests because it shares its coin count with the coins from your supply drops! It basically maxed out my daily coin limit from drops and then the chests disappear so I can’t get my coin limit for the chests! I’m so tired of it! Fix it please! I have 50 dinosaurs that need leveled because I’m f2p and can’t get the coins to level them! On top of leveling them I have to spend all my coins fusing only to get 10 DNA!


It happened to me! I opened one and they disappeared!


Lucky you, I got 1,850 coins from my one and only chest.


Have the rules changed every treasure hunt? Don’t know why but I’m expecting four hunts each 6 hours long with the chests visible and you get one prize each time.


Happened to me as well


I was getting like 25k coins per day before this rework, now they disappear after I open the first. Ludia needs to give us back the previous system. There’s no point on going outside for treasure hunting if they will fade away in my face.


Someone knows if epic strike events will be coming this week?


The latest chest event format is that you can only claim 1 in a 6hr time window. The timer on the chest reflects this countdown. After you’ve claimed that one, the rest disappear from the map and only reappear when the next 6hr window start.
It sucks that the potential for coin collection was so impacted, but the ‘disappearing in your face’ is by design blah :roll_eyes:


I think they do every week. Starts with Common, then Rare, then Epic.


They seem to be a lot rarer this time around