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A good legendary in lockdown?

What is a good legendary to use

Indom absolutely wrecked Lockdown with it

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But Monostego would be great too

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I need 40 more dna for indom so i am going to a restaurant later

Allosino or Tyranolophosaur can really lay on some hurt

Allo hasn’t been leveled up to 15 so I worked on Utasino, was able to 3-0 once with it. Not sure with monostego or tyrannolophosaur

And i’m in Lockwood Estate still using Alanky, quite useful for blocking indom cloaks, but since it is getting nerfed and all the precise and definite attacks coming, it might not be as good as it was. Think about it though. It could still have some decent use in that arena

Monostegos getting nerfed. Of you have Allosino, use that instead of Tyranolophosaur . Its better in my opinion

Tyranolophosaur is in my eyes better then tenontorex so go for him but all goes around what team you have and how it fits in

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If only I randomly got 8500 Allo dna

You have chances in this week’s strike events

High HP? Post must be at least 10 characters.

Yep. One of the commons is allo

I earned 3.9k vraptor dna from strikes before so hopefully i get 4k (enough for 1 fuse)

Utasino 101010

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