A good problem to have, I guess?


Finally getting to the point where I’m strapped for coins and can’t level anything up but it sure beats not having enough DNA to even TRY to look forward to these legendaries.

Managed to polish off the levels necessary to use several different rare-class hybrid pieces and let them be ready to pop off, a couple key epics are just waiting on coins to push from 14 to 15, and with the T-Rex event tomorrow/Sunday, even more stuff to look forward to. I’m not sure yet if I want to level her to 20 for the other hybrids or save for I-Rex as my Vraptor is at 15 but almost no excess DNA and I simply cannot get out at night to look for more. Seriously needs to spawn in the daytime to make it worth it.

So, out of the problems to have, I’d rather take this over previous issues I’ve had!