[A Guide To Creatures] Albertoceiva = Issue?

[A Guide To Creatures] Albertoceiva = Issue?

Welcome back to another episode of A Guide To Creatures! Today, we will discuss Albertoceiva, and problems with it.

What Is Albertoceiva?

Albertoceiva is a fierce revenge attacker with distracting abilities and a precise group attack. Albertoceiva also has a weak counter attack as well as a swap in group attack that activates the new Devour effect.

Health - Decent health, but a tiny bit flimsy. A small amount of Health boosts should help it.

Damage - Very good for a fierce considering it has a damage increase ability. Good for Anti-Tanking.

Speed - This is the one major drawback of Albertoceiva. Too slow to be relyable against fast enemies.

Albertoceiva is good as a Multi-Task Revenge Killer and a Swapper with it’s abilities. Generally good for any role. Against a Fierce attacker? Distracting Revenge Blow will help you. Resilient attacker about to strike? Instant Ferocious Revenge and Defence Shattering Alert, as well as Fierce Counter will help. Now, if you are going to counter it, a Cunning is probably your best choice since Albertoceiva focuses on fierce attributes.

Will it be an issue?
Honestly, it kinda seems like it is and isn’t at the same time. It falls to Cunnings without it’s revenge attack, and is weak against most other Cunnings too. However, just because a creature isn’t on revenge doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Albertoceiva has dangerously high damage for a creature, and can deal 7013 damage in two turns at level 26. Imagine that much firepower combined with a gigantic amount of damage boosts (So at least 9000 damage) in every single battle. As a side effect, Fierces won’t be very valueable in combat due to the rise of Cunnings needed to counter Albertoceiva. Luckily, the rise of Resilients will cause Fierces to reclaim their spot and it will all be normal until the next update where the cycle restarts again.

Should we prepare?
Definitely. Refrenatem will now shine and be able to deal mass damage. Skoonasaurus is also a must with its distractions and decelerations available. Quetzorion actually may have a chance, but likely won’t be able to counter our reptile friend. Fukuimimus will be able to deal some damage, and Ankylodactylus will be able to too.

Well, you’ve reached the end of this A Guide To Creatures article. Happy playing!


Albertocevia is a Cunning Fierce technically

After Ref, Phorurex is one of your best friends for taking on this thing.

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great analyze . ref , phorex , zorion and spyx are good counters . along with high armoured creatures

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I just killer a fully boosted spyx with barely boosted Alberto, same with pho ( as long as Albert has the ferocious ready, it could kill them both )

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No idea why it boostes before the attack, 6.7k priority dmg one shots pretty much every cunning. Only cunnings with priority distraction stand a chance.

Like even when i predicted the instant hit with haast max (going for piercing screech) it still did 4.2k dmg enough to kill me

I think your best chances are Refrenantem and skoona.
Quetza seems good on paper but that counter just removes the invincibility


How is ACevia’s health stat “decent”, it’s the same as Indotaurus, 4650 is definitely better than decent

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Yes but you have to take boosts into account
Most Indotaurus builds are around 17/2/11 while most Albertocevia builds are around 5/20/5

Saying this more as a general statement but

Albertocevia is overpowered, is easily the best unique in the game, and needs a nerf, and this is coming from an Albertocevia user who has the creature in their profile picture.

First off the stats. They’re insane, easily the second best stat spread only behind Refrenantem. 4650 health is unnecessarily high compared to its ingredients, 1650 attack is on borderline chomper levels, and 121 speed is way too high with the other stats taken into account.

These stats pair extremely well with its resistances. Rend and DoT resistance prevents any chipping away at this creature’s above-average health. While it can be distracted, it can’t be slowed, meaning it both benefits from speed boosts and does better against resilients.

Finally, the moveset, and oh boy is this where the creature gets broken.

Defense Shattering Alert is just worse Fierce Strike, nothing too special there (although I don’t see the point of the move existing as a whole).

Revenge Distracting Blow invalidates almost anything that can’t deal with distract, and while is somewhat balanced in a way, should cause Albertocevia to change classes to Cunning/Fierce.

Instant Ferocious Revenge is, in my opinion, one of the best active abilities in the game period. Remember when everyone was called nerfs for Sarcorixis due to its Ferocious Impact paired with 1300 attack? Albertocevia has 1650 attack, and this time the move loses a turn of ferocity in exchange for priority. This single move alone makes Albertocevia the best revenge killer in the game as it can set it up for a Devastation equivalent move by boosting Precise Revenge.

Precise Revenge in general isn’t an overpowered move, but pairs with Albertocevia’s moveset very well.

Onto the passive abilities, Fierce Counter invalidates most shield usage, which also pairs well with Precise Revenge. It also adds extra to Albertocevia’s already insane damage output.

Swap In Devour Strike should not exist, especially on this creature. Because of this move, Albertocevia has the strongest Swap In in the game (and everyone thought Parasauthops was bad enough). Albertocevia had absolutely no reason to have this move, it shows powercreep and somehow makes the super powerful Parasauthops look bad. You can’t even dodge this move, meaning you can swap in T1 against Indotaurus and win. This move is easily the biggest reason why Albertocevia needs a nerf in the first place.

So, how should Albertocevia be nerfed? Remove Swap In Devour Strike. Albertocevia will still be extremely powerful without this move, and it makes more sense for Albertocevia to be the ultimate revenge killer, so removing the swap won’t hurt that role. This swap in is the definition of powercreep and only adds salt to the meta’s wounds. If Ludia/Jamcity wants more swap damage in the meta, just buff Ceramagnus or Monolorhino rather than ruining this creature with a powerful move that it doesn’t need to succeed.

I don’t care if Albertocevia is mid-high tyrant, top 5 even, as long as it loses this move. Many people already hated the creature before even battling it because of how strong it is, I was at least generous enough to give it a shot, and it’s my 3rd favorite creature now. Please nerf this thing before everyone, including me, eventually hates it.


I did it already sorta

[A Guide To Creatures] Albertoceiva = Issue?

Really? Swap In Damage is the worst.

I don’t want it, but if Ludia/Jamcity do, there are better options than giving it to Albertocevia.

Unfortunately, Ludia forces us to use annoying creatures to defeat annoying creatures. To prevent this,’

Don’t use annoying creatures!

It helps everyone!

Dont forget it heals too. Forget the class system when this pure fierce has 2 precise moves and a 100% distracting move

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It buys time. You won’t take the counter damage if Quetz doesn’t attack. Nullifying Counter removes the attack increase and you can spam Sidestep too. Nullifying Rampage can be used to speed up the process of nullifying, but is pretty risky. Your plan is spoiled if the Albertoceiva uses Defence Shattering Alert first turn. Stick to Ref.

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i hope giganyx isn’t gonna be one :grin:

This represents every update.