[A Guide To Creatures] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15

A Guide To Creatures (2.15 Version)

2.15 is finally here! I will review all of the new cool features that are available in this update!\

If you haven’t seen the release notes, please click here.

[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15


2.15 brings us the new mechanic, Devour! This is how Devour works (As stated in release notes)

Pretty much, you heal by the amount of damage you deal. Less damage equals less health received. This will be extremely useful for Fierces due to the addition of flocks and the increase of powerful Cunnings.

New abilities with the Devour mechanic (As found in release notes)

Devouring Wound


Target highest HP: remove Shields. Attack 1.5x, bypassing Armor. DoT 0.2x target’s max HP, 2 turns.
Self: Heal .6x direct damage dealt over 4 turns.
Cooldown: 1.

This ability is great for fierces since it can deal damage while healing! It is used on the new legendary hybrid, Thycalonyx!

Swap In Devour Strike


Target all opponents: precise attack 1x.
Self: Heal .6x direct damage dealt over 4 turns.

This seems like a very good addition for fierces as they will certainly need to heal quickly! It is used on the new unique superhybrid, Albertoceiva!

My favorite part! Let’s review the Pros and Cons of the new creatures.

Keep in mind that since nobody owns any of these creatures, all of these guides are based off of predictions.


Rodrigues is the new flightless nonhybrid rare.

Pros - Protective Alert is useful. Cunning Rampage is great for quick mass damage (Without sacrificing like Dodoceiva)

Cons - Useless base attack.

How To Use - Rodrigues looks like a great Lead Creature and can do some serious damage against enemy Fierces when used properly. However, Rodrigues is also great as a Last Resort Cunning and even a Resilient Decoy


Tarbognathus is the surging hybrid of Compsognathus Gen 2 and Tarbosaurus.

Pros - Great base attack, Hop And Mock is useful, Quick high damage, Impact On Escape is useful.

Cons - Very predictable.

How To Use - Great as a Anti-Tank Cunning due to Alert Shattering Impact and Fierce Impact.


Thycalonyx is the crushing hybrid of Baryonyx Gen 2 the Marsupial Lion.

Pros - Devouring Wound is very useful. Skirmish is great in raids. Crushing Prowl is also useful. Swap In Savagery is very dangerous.

Cons - Vulnerable against heavy distraction.

How To Use - Thycalonyx is amazing as an Anti-Enemy Swapper and a Raid Anti-Tank due to it’s lethal moveset.


Albertoceiva is the deadly hybrid of Edaphocevia and Albertosaurus.

Pros - Useful against all classes. Precise Revenge is useful against flocks. Swap In Devour Strike is extremely useful.

Cons - Not very good as a Fierce.

How To Use - Albertoceiva is great as a Wildcard Revenge Attacker due to it’s moveset.


Allodrigues is the odd hybrid of Rodrigues and Alloraptor.

Pros - Massive first turn damage, heavy distraction, healing, Alert Roost is useful.

Cons - Doesn’t have any major disadvantages.

How To Use - Allodrigues can be used as a Cunning Fierce Anti-Tank because of it’s deadly abilities.

Troodoboa Buff

As you may know, Shielded Alert Strike has been replaced with Instant Decelerating Precision

This was due to Troodoboa underperforming in battles.

That’s all I will talk about for now! I will keep making guides for you guys out there. I will modify this if people disagree.

Bye people!


It isn’t actually useless. Flightless Strike has a few uses against resilient enemies that RS would usually struggle against, and even if it isn’t too useful compared to its rampage or rally, it’s certainly not useless.