A Guide To Creatures

So, I haven’t seen any threads about this, but some people don’t know how to use their creatures or how to defeat them so I have decided to make this thread. I will list the Pros and Cons of a creature, And I’ll also list how to use a specific creature. Lets start!


Dodoceiva is a purple hybrid of Dodo and Inostranceiva. It was release in the Flock Update (2.7) lets review the Pros and Cons of Dodoceiva!

Pros - Heavy distraction and heal ability.

Cons - Useless base attack, bad resistances, needs to sacrifice it’s health to deal damage, heal has long cooldown, Alert Decoy can’t be used with 33% health remaining,

Counters - Spinoconstrictor wins if you use Evasive Wounding Strike first. If Dodoceiva uses Protective Alert on this turn you’ll survive without taking damage. If it doesn’t, use Precise Rampage on the second to kill Dodoceiva! The strategy works for any creature that can use DoT and has Distraction Resistance. Examples include Scorpios Rex Gen 3, Hydra Boa, and Pterovexus.


Our next creature is Rinchicyon!

Rinchicyon is a hybrid of Rinchenia and Amphicyon. It was released in 2.10 (AKA The First Revolution)

Pros - Surprisingly fast and high damage. Fierce Impact can deal some great first turn damage. Devious Strike and Instant Buff will help protect Rinchicyon from heavy damage. Speed Decrease resistance is very helpful when encountering a resilient.

Cons - Doesn’t have any major disadvantages. Just protect it from Cunning Resilients because it’s only protection from resilients is Fierce Impact, and damage reduction doesn’t really help.

How To Use - Rinchicyon is very helpful as a hit and runner or an on escape threat. Alert Safety Rampage can seriously deal damage. However, you’ll have to survive at least three turns (Which can be done by repeatedly using Devious Strike and Instant Buff)


Our next creature is Erlikogamma!

Erlikogamma is an epic hybrid of Erlikosaurus Gen 2 and Charlie. It was released in update 1.1

Pros - High speed and decent damage, Dehibilating Distraction is amazing. Great first turn damage. Strike and Run is great partnered with Swap In Stunning Strike or Wound and can also escape from “Situations” Distraction Resistance is very helpful and Swap Prevent Resistance helps escape. DoT resistance helps too.

Cons - Health could be better, but it’s not really a major disadvantage.

How To Use - Erlikogamma is great for a first turn as Strike and Run can kill an enemy while escaping to the next creature to start a whole other match. However, once you use Strike and Run, I don’t recommend using Erlikogamma again during the match, even if it has sustainable health.


Our next creature is Imperatosuchus!

Imperatosuchus is a Wednesday Apex Raid.

Pros - Amazing resistances. Death Roll is great against tanks and Vulnerability Rampage can expose a target to use Death Roll against. Bask can really turn the tides of a match and Defence Shattering Counter Attack and No Escape Strike can help too.

Cons - Relies on Bask to survive heavy damage. Relies on Death Roll a bit too much. If you can protect yourself from high damage and DoT you can predict when Imperatosuchus uses Death Roll.

How To Use - Imperatosuchus is great as a mid-battle tank. Death Roll can carve an enemies health away before swapping away to another creature. Imperatosuchus’s health should be conserved for later usage because Death Roll should only be used for reducing health. Not killing. It can be used as an Area Controller very well, helpful when using Death Roll.


Inostherium is a rare hybrid of Inostranceiva and Archeotherium. It was released in update 2.1

Pros - Very fast. Good damage and Group Distraction are helpful. Mutual Fury is helpful for raids.

Cons - Low health. Mutual Fury is much more risky.

How To Use - Inostherium is better for raids, but it can be used in PvP as a revenge killer. It’s multiple distraction abilities help it survive, but be careful when using Mutual Fury…


Ardontognagthus is a unique superhybrid of Anurognagthus and Ardontosaurus. It was released in 2.14 (Second Revolution)

Pros - Decelerating Sideflap is very powerful. Definite Alert Frenzy is extremely powerful (It’s a better version of Devastation that increases speed, bypasses armor and can rally) and Defence Shattering Rampage is great for quickly hitting enemies.

Cons - Relies on Decelerating Sideflap to survive attacks and Definite Alert Frenzy to deal mass damage.

How To Use - Ardontognathus is great for killing resilient tanks as Definite Alert Frenzy and Defence Shattering Rampage are very useful for this. Decelerating Sideflap helps protect itself while it’s dealing massive damage.


Poukandactylus is a Cunning Fierce eagle hybrid of Poukadei and Tupandactylus.

Pros - Good health, Fearless Flap and Group Instant Distraction useful. Defense Shattering Counter helps dish out damage while defending itself.

Cons - Damage isn’t bad, but it could be better.


Andrewtherium is the vicious hybrid of Andrewsarchus and Deinotherium.

Pros - Good health, damage, and resistances. Group Warning Squeal is useful is bad situations. Rending Attack can damage enemies well. No Escape locks enemies and protects yourself from Swap In Damage (Particularly Swap In Wound since it’s the only way to keep it at bay)

Cons - Very easy to keep at bay (Repeatedly using wound abilities forces Andrewtherium into using Group Cleansing Strike repeatedly) and is vulnerable to creatures with Rend resistance.


The Antarctovenator is the lethal hybrid of Diplovenator and Antarctopelta. It was released in update 2.3

Pros - Good health. Armor is useful. Medium Nullifying Counter prevents enemies from buffing themselves while also dealing damage. Revenge Definite Rampage and Revenge Instant Ferocity are very useful, and are both powerful in different situations, making Antarctovenator more versatile. Vulnerability Impact is also useful.

Cons - Damage and Speed aren’t very good, and this plus it’s reliance on Revenge Definite Rampage make Antarctovenator difficult to use in battle.

How To Use - Antarctovenator is very risky to use because it has only one ability that can defend itself. Because of this, Antarctovenator can be classified as a glass cannon cunning fierce (I mean, it only has one resilient move) and it can quickly go from losing to winning with Revenge Definite Rampage.


Indotaurus is the killer hybrid of Indominus Rex Gen 2 and Carnotaurus. It was released in update 2.10.

Pros - Very good damage and health. Greater Rending Counter Attack is fatal on revenge. Intimidating Impact is very good first turn damage. Cleansing Rampage is great against cunning creatures. Pesky Alert is very powerful against swappers.

Cons - Low speed, Very predictable.

How To Use - Great as an anti-tank and can easily one-shot an enemy with Revenge Taunting Cloak on revenge (Although Pesky Alert can do something very similar) and can easily kill other anti-tanks.


Albertospinos is the strong hybrid of Spinotasuchus and Albertosaurus. It was released in update 2.13.

Pros - Good health. Minimal Critical Counter is useful while fighting enemies. Merciless Alert and Defense Shattering Wound, as well as Shattering Swap-In Wound can seriously injure high health tanks. Killer Instinct can quickly kill an enemy, and No Escape keeps enemies threatened at all times.

Cons - Damage could be better, and it needs to sacrifice health to increase it’s critical chance. Weak against anything that can resist or cleanse damage over time.

How To Use - Use Shattering Swap-In Wound to deal some damage, then use Merciless Alert and Killer Instinct, as well as Fierce Rampage to devastate your enemies. And like all wounders, it is very good at Area Controlling.


Purrolyth is the creepy hybrid of Lythronax and Purrusaurus Gen 2. It was released in update 1.5.

Pros - Damage increase and shield. Heal is very useful when encountering high damage enemies. Rending Counter Attack can weaken an enemy’s defences. No Escape forces enemies to trigger counter damage.

Cons - Low health isn’t good paired with a swap prevent. Relies on counter to deal damage. Very low speed and no resistances. Vulnerable to high damage and rending.

How To Use - Very good mid-battle. This creature is a glass counter-attacker and can take out low health attackers, and is very good for surprising enemies. It can also be used as a decoy for swappers or as a general Area Controller.


The venomous Dilophoboa is a hybrid of Titanoboa and Dilophosaurus Gen 2. It was released in 1.12.

Pros - High speed and good resistances. Multiple options make Dilophoboa unpredictable. Venomous Counter prevents an enemy’s escape while weakening the enemy too. Sidestep helps protect itself and On Escape Evasive Strike does this while dealing damage.

Cons - Low damage. Very easy to counter with resilients. Relies on Venomous Counter to keep enemies threatened.

How To Use - Dilophoboa is great for locking in a low health enemy. It can quickly kill targets and can dodge enemy attacks very well. Very good for Area Controlling.


Tryostronix is the hybrid of Baryonyx and Postimetrodon. It was released in update 1.2.

Pros - Great damage, health, and speed. Good resistances and Refresh can help Tryostronix survive enemy attack. Ready To Crush prepares Tryostronix for mass damage with Fierce Rampage.

Cons - Very easy to kill while Refresh is on cooldown. Relies on Refresh to survive attacks.

How To Use - Simply use Ready To Crush, followed by Fierce Rampage. Then use Refresh and repeat.


(Made in honor of @Jurassic_Fury)

Diorajasaur is the amazing hybrid of Rajakylosaurus and Tuojangosaurus. It was released in 1.2.

Pros - Good health and armor. Good crit and damage for a resilient. Raking Counter Attack is very useful. Group Taunting Shields and Instant Invincibility Taunt are useful in raids. Resilient Rampage is useful for killing cunning attackers.

Cons - Low speed, very predictable, vulnerable to wounders, Relies on Resilient Rampage and Raking Counter Attack to kill enemies.

How To Use - Diorajasaur can simply use it’s shield abilities to deal counter damage to kill enemies. It’s also great as a flock counter. Resilient Rampage can seriously injure or even kill an enemy.


Procerathomimus is the green hybrid of Proceratosaurus and Ornithomimus. It was released in 1.6.

Pros - Good damage and speed. Great resistances. Nullifying Counter is very helpful when attacking evasive enemies.

Cons - Vulnerable while Distracting Rampage is on cooldown. Relies on Evasive Stance and Instant Distraction to survive attackers. Swap In Nullification is almost completely useless.

How To Use - Proceratomimus is great against fierces that use damage increase to kill enemies. It is also immune to damage over time and can protect itself from wounders very effectively.

Well, that’s all for now. I am accepting requests for creatures that were NOT listed in this guide.

Dedicated to @Apple @Jurassic_Fury @Din0.dude @HolyPoly1026 @Roaring_Raptor @Albertoplays111 @SmilodonTroodon and @RaptorJay06 for helping me and others progress in this game


I don’t recall helping you in any way, but thank you for the mention. :sweat_smile:

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Oh. Nevermind that thennn.


Alloraptor, Enteloceros, Velosrhacos

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I don’t remember which of these I did but thanks for letting me help you progress through the game

They are being made now.

Why does everyone forget Andrewtodon :pensive:

Also i’d like to see Carbotoceratops

I’m gonna work on Carboto and Alloraptor first

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I just invented a new term that describes a creature. I call it “Area Controller” it describes creatures that use Swap Prevention to keep enemies in forced combat. This prevents them from using Swappers to attack. Examples include Andrewtodon, Grypolyth, Purrolyth, Albertospinos, Purutaurus, Andrewtops, Dimodactylus, Compsognagthus, Compsognagthus Gen 2, Imperatosuchus, Stygidaryx, and even Pterovexus and Dilophoboa in the right conditions. When you say a creature is good for “Area Controlling” you’re saying that it can lock enemies in combat while defending itself well. Most good “Area Controllers” have counter attacks or can use DoT.


Carbotoceratops is the steady hybrid of Carbonemys and Nasutoceratops.

Pros - Good health and armor combined with Distraction can protect Carbotoceratops from high damage attack. Dig In Taunt is also very helpful. Devastation is very good against evasive cunnings. Expose Weak Spot can also injure enemies very effectively. Swap In Head Butt can stun an enemy while dealing damage. DoT resistance protects Carbotoceratops against wounders.

Cons - Low damage and speed. Vulnerable to Tank fierces. Relies on Devastation to kill enemies.

How To Use - Carbotoceratops is very useful as a tank and can deal serious damage against cunnings while being able to defend itself very well against them. Dig In Taunt is helpful when you are somehow losing against a cunning creature.

Do you think you could make one for parasauthops, skoonasaurus, and testacornibus? It is kinda confusing on how to counter them in aviary

Parasaurthops can be killed with anything that can cleanse and is pure fierce but i’ll still do them anyway.

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Indom and Tryo,

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Carboto would be really good if it had kept superiority s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶ (vulnerability) from normal carbo

Superior Vulnerability :wink:

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It’s brother Andrewtops works well against it

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Nice insights.

I like this, thanks.

The difference between fighting Testacornibus and Parasaurthops are that Testa is a breeze. Simply have a creature that can survive the Devestation and just overwhelm it with damage. Parasaurthops however, is much harder. Antarctovenator will win but it will take some time. Use Vulnerability Impact and then Revenge Definite Ramapge. Then use Cunning Strike and repeat. Skoona can be killed easily with Albertospinos.

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ok now i want you to do about Imperatosuchus

I’ve already done it. it’s here.

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