A guide to speeding up legendary collections!


Legendaries can be very frustrating to get all items for. But there is a secret trick to speed it up! It’s called the no-trade policy and it’s rules are as follows:

  1. Never trade off any collections you finish except the one you’re working on (Red Death, Screaming Death, etc)

  2. Constantly send out the 4 rider friends of Hiccup on journeys: Stormfly, Hookfang, Meatlug and Barf&Belch. Use the cheapest journeys.

  3. When possible, send out Toothless to look for the epic rarity items. They will usually have ice or gold background.

  4. This isn’t part of the trick, just general advice: always buy whatever Johann is offering for wood or fish, never buy with runes (unless it’s like 10 or less, then it’s your call). You’ll never know when you need that item.

This will result in:

  1. The journeys will give you items much faster than Toothless searching ever could, but they will start out with the least rare ones.

  2. Eventually, after enough journeys and through getting items from cars packs, you will have finished (almost) all of the collections available to you.

  3. Remember rule 1!!! Don’t give in to temptation.

  4. Once you have only rare or epic items left to search for in ALL of your collections, the game will have no other choice but to hand out them to you. This means journey rewards, all card packs and (to some extent) Toothless searches.

  5. Journeys will give out items the farthest if you can spend fish and wood every time it’s available to ensure the item is on the wheel. A lot of times you won’t get the item even if you spent a lot of resources on it so being high-level speeds this up.

Conclusion: after you’ve managed to start the trick and are at result 2, the rate at which you get epic or rare items can even triple! That’s the change I felt, but I did always send out Toothless on event runs.

Fair warning: even using this technique, Screaming Death took me over a year to get. Currently, I’m working on the Purple Death and I’ve found that sending Toothless out to search for legendaries’ items at all isn’t worth it if there’s enough time for a Toothless journey. Hunting Premium packs with Toothless’s 200M wood journey gives out a ton of runes so I’ve been doing that instead.

Anyway I’ve heard a lot of praise for this technique! Hope this helps those of you struggling with completing legendary collections!

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