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A herbivore hybrid and a few other ideas

im suggesting a new herbivore hybrid called kentrocheirus (kentrosaurus deinocheirus)with 10 000 health and 3000 damage and a buff to segnosuchus to have 7000 health and metriaphodon to 6000 health. i’m also suggesting a super hybrid called koolatitan (koolasaurus aerotitan DNA) with a lot of attack but low health and a hybrid of eryops and protogenyris called protoryops with good stats near gorgosuchus.


i think all ideas are great koolatitan is top, but all ideas i can imagine, but one question: What is protogenyris?


Ya really good ideas
Good job
Keep up the good work

Proterogyrinus misspelled.

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Buffing Metriaphodon and Segnosuchus would make it way to OP…they’re fine glass cannons for now.

thats my fav apha. (sad have him still locked) That means new powerfull apha hybrid from him can be cool.

Protero hybrid is what we need.

Koolatitan sounds like Koolabiurghiana if you know what I mean.

An other suggestion about a Proterogyrinus hybrid is Einiogyrinus, Proterogyrinus + Einiosaurus. Its appearance could be similar to the appearance of Sarcorixys at JWA. Let them use the amphibians left first of all for an amphibian hybrid and after that for a herbivore one. We are in desperate need for amphibians first …

litteraly compare them to yudon and pachygalosaurus or even erilophosaurus and then your realize

Sarcoryxis is now in my line up in jwa, actual level 17 now, it seems great to see something like him i jwtg


Oh! He has taken Procerathomimus’es place as the broken Epic and wipes out legendaries and Uniques stronger than itself, I cannot imagine going back, JWA has given me far more frustration than any fun I have ever had from it.

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