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A history of dominance

Oh yea. Top tiers have changed. I will name each update after the Theme and kings… starting from 1.2

1.2 = Raptor Invasion, Starring Velociraptor!
1.3 = Tank Wars, Starring Stegodeus!
1.4 = Lockwood Aviary, Starring Monomimus And Utarinex!
1.5 = Bleed Central, Starring Spinotasuchus!
1.6 = Swap In Chaos, Starring Dracoceratops!
1.7 = No Return, Starring Thoradolosaur!
1.8 = A Massive Shakeup, Starring Diorajasaur!
1.9/1.10 = Immune City, Starring Ardentismaxima!
1.11 = Fall Of Maxima And The Rats, Starring Quetzorion!

I wonder who will dominate next, and what the theme will be… I want pterosaur mania starring stygidaryx!


1.12 will be Boost Sale Meta.


1.12 the age of demonization and nerfs


Calling it, Tuorameloch and Stygidaryx meta. :grin:


This is extremely accurate. Lol


Surely 1.11 is Fall of Dracoceratops?


Yea, changed it

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Immune city is still actual i think

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I hope they don’t nerf ardentismaxima, it did not even need the nerf to it’s rampage. It has multiple good counters like tryko and diorajasaur. It is a unique made of 2 epics and a rare. But considering most of the people who could vote don’t have it I’m sure it will get nerfed while indo gen 2 and procerethomimus continue to be obscenely overpowered.


Boost blunder starring speed boost


1.7- boosts staring your moms credit card


1.12 will make majungasaurus as op as procerathomimus. :wink:


i somehow think it may be along these lines instead >>>> V1.12 ( new creatures introduced… again )

  1. The common : NoGetUsAnyWhereUs a creature designed to get you no where in the game despite having several under rated OP powers.
  2. The rare : TotalusGarbagianus a creature that is total garbage in almost 99% of uses not being able to feed itself which is so bad because even a T Rex that is starving wouldnt eat it
  3. The epic : WhatALoadOfTotalusJunkus a creature that is so brain dead useless that even a termite with only 1 leg could beat it with its eyes shut.
  4. The legendary : AreYouKiddingUsForgetItcus a creature that is so unbelievably stupid it actually wears a blindfold in the battle arenas and asks the opposing dinosaur to clobber it… fast !
  5. The unique : NoFreakingWayAmIUsingThatikus a creature that is so genetically warped in features that it is more akin with a common earthworm that a dino, so ugly in fact it would scare the living daylights out of anyone that wants to use it a dino and that it would have been better off as a halloween prank available for a limited time of 30 seconds only then it vanishes for good never to be seen ever again.!. lol
    The new creatures are just for fun but occasionally we do get dinosaurs that are basically worthless in every regard no matter what powers they gave it ! lol :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face:
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And don’t forget the “Profitasaurus”, a dinosaur that uses a credit card as its model, ‘Cha Ching’ attack sounds and swap in Win.

With this new dinosaur, those with the strongest credit card move up the leaderboard :stuck_out_tongue:

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I read the title and can only think this:



2.0 battle of the zombies. All creatures are invisible, only a 0 health bar shows and no moves can be selected

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