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A HUGE Move Name Rework

Do you ever get confused by the sheer number of moves in JWA? Do you have a hard time remembering how strong a gashing wound is versus a Maiming Wound? Are you unsure as to what each shielding move in the game does? Do you not know the difference between a decelerating impact and a slowing impact, or between a pinning attack and a binding attack? Are you confused about why Raking Counter Attack bypasses armor, but Raking Claws does not? Do you often mix up Distracting Strike and Distraction? Does it bother you that Spinotahsuchus is able to swoop? Did you know that Roar and Group Defense Shattering Strike are the same exact move? Do you find yourself forgetting that Definite Shield Advantage does 1.5x damage, while Shield Advantage only does 1x? Can you remember what “Expose Weak Spot” even does off the top of your head? Are you unsure what the difference between a “minor”, a “lesser” and a “minimal” move is?

If any of the above questions interested you, then you should read the rest of this post! The fact of the matter is that JWA has seen it’s fair share of changes, but it’s move names haven’t really kept up with the times. As such, they’re currently a mishmash of a bunch of different naming conventions, making it somewhat confusing to tell what a move does just by looking at it’s name. With this post, I aimed to fix that. I designed a total revamp of the move naming system. Essentially, it breaks down each part of a move’s name into different sections (like the moves attack power, what additional effects it has, and how strong those effects are relative to the standard). This created a standardized system for naming moves, which I used to rename many moves in the game. Here are the different name components

Section 1: Activation and Targeting These names denote when a move activates and who that move targets.


Instant: Priority

Countering: Occurs upon receiving non-fatal damage (not including other counters)

Swap-in: Occurs when creature swaps in

On-escape: Occurs when opponent swaps out

Revenge: Effect changes if used after a creature died the previous turn (can stack with other activations)

N/A: Normal Priority and activation


Group: Effects target self and team (own team if positive, opponent’s team if negative)

Emergency: Target’s teammate in most need (used for Heal)

N/A: Single target (self if positive, opponent if negative)

Section 2: Effect Modifiers These denote the strength of each effect, besides damage (for example, the % chance to stun the opponent) and how long it’s duration is (for example, how many turns a shield stays up). For moves with multiple effects, modifiers are specific to the effect that they directly proceed (so Fearless Flap would be Cleansing Total Evasive Lesser Accelerating Distracting Strike… but we’ll get back to that later.

Effect Strength:

Lesser: Weaker than normal power

N/A: Normal power

Greater: Stronger than normal power

Total (could also use something like “Acute” or “Complete”): 100% effectiveness

Effect Duration:

Short: Shorter than normal duration

N/A: Normal Duration

Long: Longer than average duration

Section 3: Additional Effects: These are the additional effects that a move has in addition to basic damage, and multiple effects can stack on a single move (to a point). Each effect has a standard strength and duration that can be modified. There are three types of effects: Damage type modifiers that determine how the damage interacts with the opponent’s defenses (stuff like breaking shields or bypassing dodge, other positive and negative effects (like deceleration, cleansing, or ferocity), and compound effects. Compound effects are attacks with many effects that always occur the same way (besides attack strength). This section includes moves like Cunning/Fierce/Resilient attacks, Cautious Strike, Cloak, and Fearless Flap. Each move in this section should be given a unique icon (or icon style) for clarity.

Effect (can stack); (italics show name used if the effect is the last word in the name):

N/A: Plain damage, no modifiers or effects

Damage type modifiers:

(Armor) Piercing: Bypass armor

(Defense) Shattering: Pierces armor, breaks shields, and removes taunt

Precise: Bypass dodge/cloak.

Revealing (NEW-ish, could also just use “Raking”): Remove dodge/cloak.

Definite: Removes dodge/cloak and shield, pierces armor

Other effects:

Accelerating/Acceleration: Increases speed 30% for three turns

Cleansing/Cleanse: Remove all negative effects from target(s)

Critical: Increases critical hit chance 30% for two attacks, lasting two turns OR deal 1.75x damage (for Critical Impact) - critical attacks likely require a rework for consistency, as there are very few left in the game.

Distracting/Distraction: Reduce opponent’s damage 50% for two turns

Evasive/Evasion: 75% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage for 3 attacks, lasting 2 turns

Ferocious/Ferocity: Increase damage of target(s) 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Sometimes cleanses distraction and/or critical hit chance decrease (should be changed to remain consistent, or they can create a new effect that damage boosts AND cleanses these debuffs, like “power up” or something).

Healing/Heal: Cleanse target(s). Heals 1.5x damage worth of HP.

Nullifying/Nullification: Remove all positive effects from targets)

Pinning/Pin: Target cannot swap for 1 turn.

Rending/Rend: Inflict 0.34% of opponents max HP as damage.

Shielding/Shield: Activates a shield, blocking 50% of incoming damage for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns

Slowing/Slow (or Decelerating, but that’s a mouthful!): Reduce opponents speed 50% for two turns

Stunning/Stun: 66% chance to stun opponent for one turn

Taunting/Taunt: Activates taunt on self for 8 attacks, lasting 1 turn

Vulnerability: Target is vulnerable for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turns

Wounding/Wound: Inflicts damage over time 0.34% of target’s max HP for two turns

Compound Effects (unique icons):

Cunning: Cleanse DoT on self. On target, remove critical increase and attack increase. Reduce critical chance 100% and reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn.

Fierce: Cleanse vulnerable on self. On target, remove taunt, destroy shields, and bypass armor.

Resilient: Cleanse distraction on self. On target, remove dodge/cloak and speed increase, and reduce speed 50% for 1 turn

Superior: Cleanse distraction on self. On target, reduce speed 50% for one turn. Bypass dodge/cloak.

Cautious: On self, increase speed 10% for 1 turn. 75% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage for 1 attack, lasting one turn. On target, Reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Ignores dodge/cloak.

Crafty: Remove damage and critical hit increase. Bypass dodge and armor, ignoring dodge/cloak.

Prowl: Cleanse self. Gain 75% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Increase critical chance by 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns.

Dig In: Priority. Cleanse self. Heal 1x attack HP. Increase speed 10% for 2 turns. Gain 50% shields for one turn.

Fearless Flap(ping) (or potentially just “Fearless”): Cleanse self. Gain 100% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage for the next 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Increase speed by 10% for two turns. On all opponents, reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns.

Cloak: Priority. Gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for one turn. Deal double damage on the next attack.

Mutual Fury: Cleanse self. Increase speed 10% for two turns, and increase damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting three turns. For all opponents, increase damage 50% for one attack, lasting two turns.

Sidestep: Priority. Cleanse self. Gain 100% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Increase speed 10% for two turns.

Bellow: Priority. Gain 50% shields for one attack, lasting one turn. Reduce target’s speed 50% for 2 turns.

Section 4: Attack Damage: This tells how much damage the move does to the opponent. The rule is that if the move deals direct damage, it MUSt include one of these in its name. This makes it clear to all players how much damage each move does. This includes counters! So if a counter does damage, it would end with “counter strike/impact/hit/rampage…” but if it does no damage it would just end with “counter”. The new attack power of “Hit” was added for attacks of 0.5x attack power (used for some “medium counters”). Of course, this name is negotiable.

Attack Power:

N/A: 0x damage (basically effects only)

Blow (NEW): 0.5x damage

Strike: 1x damage

Impact: 1.5x damage

Rampage: 2x damage

Devastation: 3x damage

Other modifiers:

And Run: User (attempts to) swap out after use

And finally we get to the moves themselves. I tried not to modify the moves in most cases, but there were a few redundancies and possibilities that I included in the “Notes” section (like Evasive Stance having 75% chance to dodge again). Admittedly, some of these new names are a bit of a mouthful, but I hope you find that the overall system is more consistent than what we have now. Hopefully it’s a lot quicker to grasp (like every time you saw “Heal”, you would know that the move healed 1.5x attack power of HP, and if you saw “Greater Heal”, you would know that it healed 2x). Another step Ludia could take could be to standardize the icons too, since they’re currently all over the place (like why are nullifying strike and rampage white, but nullifying impact is red?). Anyway, here are all the move names I came up with using the system above. I hope you like it! Also, BIG thank you to everyone who worked on the JWA field guide, since it was extremely helpful in making this system.

The Moves:

Old Name New Name Notes
Acute Stun Total Stun
Adrenaline Pulse Instant Lesser Heal Would also need to cleanse now.
Armor Piercing Counter Countering Piercing Strike
Armor Piercing Strike/Impact/Rampage Piercing Strike/Impact/Rampage
Bellow Bellow OR Instant Slowing Short Shield
Binding Impact Long Pinning Impact
Camouflage Instant Short Distracting Short Accelerating Evasion Keep Camouflage?
Cautious Strike Cautious Strike
Cleansing Strike/Impact Cleansing Strike/Impact
Cleansing Shattering Strike Cleansing Shattering Strike
Cleansing Swoop Cleansing Lesser Wound and Run Does 0.25x damage; need to standardize with current Minor Swoop
Cloak Cloak
Crafty Strike Crafty Strike
Critical Impact Critical Impact Critical may need full rework for consistency
Cunning Strike/Impact/Rampage Cunning Strike/Impact/Rampage
Debilitating Distraction Greater Distracting Strike
Decelerating Counter Countering Short Slowing Strike
Decelerating Impact/Rampage Slowing Impact/Rampage
Decelerating Strike Short Slowing Strike Default now 2 turns slow. Not currently in use.
Defense Shattering Counter Countering Shattering Strike
Defense Shattering Strike/Impact/Rampage Shattering Strike/Impact/Rampage
Definite Strike/Impact/Rampage Definite Strike/Impact/Rampage
Definite Shield Advantage Definite Short Shielding Rampage
Deliberate Prowl Prowl OR Cleansing Greater Critical Evasion (probably keep Prowl) Crit chance increase needs to last 2 attacks/2 turns
Devastation Precise Taunting Devastation Allows for other kinds of 3x attack moves to exist
Dig In Dig In (would be Instant Lesser Healing Lesser Acceleration Short Shield) Keep “Dig In”
Dig In Taunt Taunting Dig In (would be Instant Taunting Lesser Healing Lesser Acceleration Short Shield) Keep “Taunting Dig In”
Distracting Strike/Impact/Rampage Distracting Strike/Impact/Rampage
Distraction Short Distracting Strike
Emergency Heal Instant Emergency Heal
Evasive Stance Instant Long Evasion
Evasive Strike Short Evasive Strike
Evasive Impact Evasive Impact
Expose Weak Spot Long Vulnerability Strike
Extended Critical Strike Greater Critical Strike Critical may need full rework for consistency
Fearless Flap Fearless Flapping Strike OR Fearless Strike(would be Cleansing Distracting Lesser Accelerating Total Evasive Strike)
Ferocious Impact Long Ferocious Impact
Ferocious Strike Long Ferocious Strike
Fierce Strike/Impact/Rampage Fierce Strike/Impact/Rampage
Gashing Wound Wounding Strike
Greater Emergency Heal Instant Emergency Greater Heal
Greater Rending Counter Countering Shattering Rend New baseline 0.34x opponents max HP
Greater Stunning Strike/Impact Greater Stunning Strike/Impact
Group Acceleration Instant Group Greater Accelerating Strike
Group Cleansing Strike Group Cleansing Strike
Group Decelerating Strike/Impact/Rampage Group Slowing Strike/Impact/Rampage
Group Defense Shattering Strike Group Shattering Strike Needs to remove taunt
Group Distraction Instant Group Distraction
Group Ferocity Group Ferocity Also cleanses distraction and critical chance reduction
Group Ferocity Strike Group Ferocious Strike
Group Invincibility Instant Group Total Shield
Group Shattering Impact Group Shattering Impact
Group Shield Instant Group Shield
Group Superiority Group Superior Strike
Group Takedown Group Short Ferocity Also cleanses distraction, but not critical hit decrease. A lot of overlap with former “Group Ferocity” - could condense into one move.
Group Taunting Shields Instant Group Taunting Shield
Group Taunting Shields Strike Group Taunting Shielding Strike
Heal Instant Greater Heal
High Pounce Short Distracting Rampage
Immobilize Instant Total Stunning Pin
Impact Impact
Impact and Run Impact and Run
Instant Charge Instant Greater Stunning Strike
Instant Distraction Instant Total Distraction
Instant Invincibility Instant Total Shield
Instant Invincibility Taunt Instant Taunting Total Shield
Instant Rampage Instant Rampage
Lesser Group Heal Group Lesser Heal
Lethal Swoop Long Wound and Run
Lethal Wound Long Wounding Strike
Long Decelerating Strike Slowing Strike Default now 2 turns deceleration
Long Defensive Strike Shielding Strike Default now 2 turns shield.
Long Invincibility Long Total Shield Based on active 3 turns, otherwise simply “Total Shield”
Long Protection Long Shielding Strike
Maiming Wound Greater Wounding Strike
Maximal Counter-Attack Countering Strike
Medium Counter-Attack Countering Blow
Medium Resilient Counter-Attack Countering Resilient Blow OR Revealing Short Decelerating Blow Doesn’t cleanse distraction (and probably shouldn’t), so the second name could be used to keep the definition of “resilient” consistent
Minimal Speedup Strike Lesser Accelerating Strike
Minor Counter-Attack N/A Buff to 0.5x damage (Countering Blow) and remove “Minor Counter-Attack” from game (only Nodopatotitan has it anyway)
Minor Heal On Escape On Escape Lesser Heal
Minor Rending Attack Shattering Rend
Minor Swoop Lesser Long Wound and Run Does 0.2x damage; need to standardize w/ current cleansing swoop
Mutual Fury Mutual Fury
No Escape On Escape Pin
Nullifying Counter Countering Nullification
Nullifying Strike/Impact/Rampage Nullifying Strike/Impact/Rampage
On Escape Dust Cloud On Escape Ferocious Total Shield
On Escape Evasive Strike On Escape Short Evasive Strike
On Escape Rampage On Escape Rampage
Persistent Ferocious Strike Ferocious Strike Identical to current group ferocity strike, minus group target, but has no cooldown.
Pinning Strike Pinning Strike
Precise Impact Precise Impact
Precise Pounce Precise Short Distracting Rampage
Precise Shattering Counter Countering Precise Shattering Strike
Prowl Instant Prowl
Raking Claws Revealing Rampage
Raking Counter Attack Countering Revealing Piercing Strike
Rampage Rampage
Rampage and Run Rampage and Run
Ready to Crush Group Critical Ferocity Also cleanses distraction and critical hit decrease
Refresh Short Accelerating Lesser Heal
Rending Counter Countering Lesser Shattering Rend
Rending Takedown Greater Shattering Rend
Resilient Strike/Impact/Rampage Resilient Strike/Impact/Rampage
Revenge Cloak Revenge Cloak
Revenge Decelerating Impact Revenge Slowing Impact
Revenge Distracting Impact Revenge Distracting Impact
Revenge Distracting Strike Revenge Distracting Strike
Revenge Impact Revenge Impact
Revenge Protection Revenge Shielding Strike
Revenge Rampage Revenge Rampage
Revenge Shattering Rampage Revenge Shattering Rampage Needs to remove taunt.
Roar/Tail Swipe Group Shattering Strike Identical to former Group Defense Shattering Strike. Needs to remove taunt.
Shield Advantage Shattering Short Shielding Strike
Shielded Decelerating Strike Precise Short Shielding Slowing Strike
Shielded Taunting Strike Taunting Short Shielding Strike
Shielding Strike Short Shielding Strike
Short Defense Shielding Strike Identical to former Long Defensive Strike, but with a cooldown.
Sidestep Sidestep (would be Instant Cleansing Lesser Short Accelerating Total Evasion) Keep Sidestep
Slowing Impact Long Slowing Impact
Strike Strike
Strike and Run Strike and Run
Superior Vulnerability Superior Vulnerability Strike
Superiority Strike/Impact Superior Strike/Impact
Swap in Defense Swap in Taunting Shield Side note, why does it taunt? You can’t swap in raids anyway!
Swap in Definite Strike Swap in Definite Strike
Swap in Distraction Swap in Total Distraction
Swap in Dodge Swap in Total Evasion
Swap in Ferocity Swap in Long Ferocity
Swap in Head Butt Swap in Piercing Stunning Blow
Swap in Heal Swap in Lesser Heal
Swap in Invincibility Swap in Taunting Total Shield
Swap in Nullification Swap in Nullification
Swap in Resilient Strike Swap in Resilient Strike
Swap in Savagery Swap in Rend Either nerf to 0.34x or buff to 66%
Swap in Slow Swap in Slow
Swap in Stun Swap in Stun
Swap in Stunning Strike Swap in Piercing Stunning Strike
Swap in Wound Swap in Lesser Wound
Taunt Shattering Rampage Taunting Shattering Rampage
Taunting Bellow Taunting Bellow OR Instant Taunting Slowing Short Shield
Taunting Impact/Rampage Taunting Impact/Rampage
Taunting Shields Taunting Shielding Strike Nerf to blocking 2 attacks/2 turns
Taunting Vulnerability Taunting Vulnerability Strike
Tip the Scales Instant Group Cleansing Nullification OR Instant Group Nullifying Cleanse
Venomous Counter Countering Short Distracting Pin
Vulnerability Strike Vulnerability Strike
Wounding Counter Countering Short Wound

Good job! This would definitely be better than the current system, especially for newer players.
My only gripe with it is that I prefer “Swoop” to “Wound and run”.

Lesser Long Wound-and-run and Cleansing Lesser Wound-and-run deal different amounts of damage, but they’re both “Lesser” Wounding moves. Assuming this is intentional, I suppose there’s a limit to how precise you can be with these names.


Thank you! One of my goals was definitely to help make the game more approachable. There’s so many moves to know, so learning a few standardized terms instead would be very helpful I think.

I tend to prefer “wound and run” because some users can’t physically “swoop” since they lack wings, it lets players know directly from the name that the move has the wounding effect, and it fits with the other kinds of “and run” moves. But swoop does roll off the tongue better.

Yeah I also noticed that “Lesser Long Wound-and-Run” and “Cleansing Lesser Wound and Run” do different percentages (0.2 and 0.25). I left them the same as a limitation of the naming scheme, but I don’t think it should be more complicated than that. For consistency, I would rather they just pick either 0.2x or 0.25x for both “Lesser” moves and leave it at that.

The ferocious moves were definitely the hardest to do because they’re the least internally consistent right now, and I’m still not satisfied with them. Them and critical moves together could probably use a minor rework somewhere down the line.

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That said,

I love this idea, but some of the names were fun or cool, like which is better? No Escape or On Escape Pin? Dna could apply to swoops or the other long winded ones. But those are some minor gripes, otherwise it’s perfect

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Thanks again! There probably is some room to keep some of the cooler names, but it comes down to the balance between consistency/approachability and the “cool” factor.

Yeah I always think of swooping as that first definition (where it says “especially of a bird”, implying it has to do with wings and flying), since the swoop would be the user flying in to wound the opponent and then flying away.

But since Spinotasuchus is technically capable of “Swooping” (it is partly piscivorous after all, it would have to snatch up prey) I think the current name for the move is appropriate.

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That’s fair, but what if they wanted to give a “swooping” move to something like T rex or Triceratops? “Wound and Run” allows for more general use of this move.


Yeah, that’s true.

I’m happy my Field Guide helped you out! :slight_smile:


Updated for 2.1