A huge suggestion that would greatly benefit early game players

Just gonna say this: when there is an event to unlock a certain creature, like utahraptor and monolophosaurus today, it shouldn’t be level based. You are encouraging early game players to level up fast, and then making it so that they missed out on unlocking a certain creature because they are now too high of a level. It should be that if you don’t have the common, it will let you unlock it by completing the stage, then move on to the next rarity. The way you are doing it now is stupid and money hungry. I won’t stand for it. Fix it please, make it better. It’s counterproductive and ridiculous and money hungry. For you newer players, you know what I mean, I hope.

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Welcome Back!

Yes I know exactly what you mean
I am now level 41 and there are loads of Commons and rares and super rare aquatics that I haven’t unlocked and now can’t
My suggestion is that you have to be at a certain level to unlock a creature but that there is no level cap where are you are too high to unlock the creature

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Everything that is available for unlocks is available for all levels, eventually

But I’m too high of a level to unlock the common creatures or the super rare aquatics in earth shattering events

Every few months, we have Rare and Common unlock weeks where higher level players get to unlock the Commons and Rares in the unlock rotation, including Utahraptor, Labyrinthodontia, Bonitasaurus, Hatzegopteryx, Carnotaurus, Monolophosaurus, Gallimimus, and Rhamphorhynchus. The Aquatic creatures like Psephoderma cycle through periodically on their own.

Edit: A caveat. Every once in a while, a “permanently” locked creature becomes available to lower level players in bracketed tournaments. Recent examples of this include Shunosaurus, Supersaurus, Sarcosuchus, Metriorhynchus, Styxosaurus, and Onchopristis.

The other creatures out of rotation are “permanently” locked for everyone that did not have them unlocked as of the Battle Stage Reshuffle regardless of level.


I had no idea about this. Do you know if there is a set schedule for it?

They happen about every four months. The last Rare Unlock Week was in April, and the last Common Unlock Week was in May. So, look for them to return in August and September, respectively

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Leptocleidus! :face_with_spiral_eyes: