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A hybrid for Dimodactylus😆

from more than 3 patches that this epic hybrid does not obtain a super hybrid, literally even majundasuchus obtains a balanced hybrid.

I want to see in 2.1 its superhybrid (and that it is worth it) … currently dimodacylus is quite good now without being broken.

who is the best candidate for our bleeder from heaven?

  • get a hybrid now!
  • I do not care

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I have a feeling that I may get a hybrid with the Haast’s eagle


Top pick rn, Along with Alanky


haast eagle g2+ dimodactyus


PH: 3300
DM: 1000
Speed: 131
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

Fierce strike
Cleansing swoop
Fearless Flap
Rampage and Run

-100% Swap prevention

-Swap in Distraction (100%)

very very NICE!!!


The big question would be, would it use the medium pterosaur rig? Or the Haast’s eagle rig?


obviously medium pterosaur rig IF OR IF would be the first pterosaur with feathers by 60% (minimum)

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I feel like a Dimo+Eagle hybrid would just be too frail to be relevant. You get slowed you’re toast :bread:

I doubt this would ever be a thing, but what about this idea:


  • Fierce Strike
  • Revenge Lethal Wound [New]: 1X. Inflict .34X Max HP DoT for 3 turns. Delay: 0/ Cooldown: 2. Revenge: Inflict .48X Max HP DoT for 2 turns. Cooldown: 2
  • Revenge Decelerating Impact
  • Cleansing Swoop
  • Swap in Wound
  • No Escape

~ 100% Swap Prevention Resistant
~ 75% Deceleration Resistant
~ 67% Stun Resistant

  • 3900 HP
  • 1000 Attack
  • 125 Speed
  • 10% Armor
  • 5% Critical

Where does the pokaui come from. I get the second part as in deinonychus but poku

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The aboriginal Māori oral history’s name for the Haast’s eagle.

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Toast :bread:


the word ‘’ Poukai ‘’ comes from Maori mythology, which hunted the ‘’ Moas ‘’ (haast’s eagle = poukai)

they literally preferred to give it a more common name (like the marsupial lion) which is quite nice, but in my personal opinion, I wish they had named it ‘’ Poukai ‘’

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I would actually bet on the eagle rig. They seem to like to use models for hybrids if they don’t have enough standard creatures using it. I don’t see them adding anything but hybrids that could use the bird model, so both Haast eagles’ eventual hybrids will probably use the eagle rig. Kinda like the Titanoboa hybrids.

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I (kind of) disagree. It DO agree would be frail and weak to deceleration, but that’s just how the eagles are. Fast frail distractors, like Velociraptor. Plus 3300 HP isn’t too frail. It’s not tanky by any means, but it’s not as bad as many dinos. That HP is the same as Pteranodon. So it could take a smaller hit after swapping in (and you wouldn’t take any damage on swap in if your opponent doesnt resist or cleanse distract). I don’t think this would have to worry about being frail anyway. It would be a swap-in swap-out bleeder and distractor. It would be able to dismantle most fierce creatures quite effectively. And obviously you wouldn’t send it in against a resilient, unless you could predict it using a non-slowing move. Then you could bleed it, which would be nice. As long as you’re careful, I think it would be quite good. A dino doesn’t have to be good against everything in order to be considered good, and honestly nothing SHOULD be good against everything.

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Did it in my epic season


The swap-in/swap-out bleed approach works with Stygidaryx and Vexus because they have quite a bit of bulk. An eagle bleeder… eh… it’d be a kamikaze.

Haast’s G2 only has 2800 HP which is OHK territory in an unfortunate amount of scenarios. I wouldn’t swap something that glassy in on anything fierce. Maybe if it lost swap in bleed for a swap in dodge, but even still it’d be a low payoff creature combo I think.

Not saying whatever hybrid it gets needs to be good at everything, just making the point that if it gets a superhybrid it needs to be viable because it’ll be legendary rarity. We need bleeders that can stand up to high arena play like Thyla

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I would try with a triceratops and make a unique triceratops model.
Dimodactylus (200pe fuse) + (Triceratops 500pe fuse)


Speed: 116

Resilient strike (1Xdmg)
Ready to charge:Priority:If tribuslon loose more than 50% of his whole hp this turn,he is slowed by 50% 2 turns,get 50% shield for 2 turns and increase his damage by 50%,if tribuslon should have died from this attack,he remain 1HP,if not:nothing happen. (1turn cooldown)
Armor percing stunning rampage: (2Xdmg /2 turn cooldown;1 turn delay)
Resilient impact and swap out (1,5Xdmg/cooldown:1 turn)

No issue
Swap in wound
Nervous: If an ability make this creature slow:He earn +50% damage for 2 turn:Regen 1Xatk at the end of every turn.

Immune to swap prevention :100%
Weakness : Stun (It mean if this creature get stunned:The stun damage are increase by 1,5X,and he can’t swap out while stunned (lock 2 turns)

So this creature is a good bleeder which have a special effect when he is slow:He will regen everyturn if an ability slow him and will increase his dmg aswell :slight_smile:
He will do some mindtrick asweell with ready to charge,which will increase More his dmg and assure him to regen everyturn.
Ready to charge will increase his damage to 1900,so the opponent will have to deal with a monster.
It will be really good against opponent as resilients tanks ,an equal matchup against speedster ,ready to charge can do some mind game against the chompers aswell.

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My turn:

Critical chance~5%

~Cunning Strike
~Lethal Wound
~Fearless Flap

~Venomous Counter
~Swap-in Cunning Distraction

100% resistance to Swap-prevention, Stuns

Kamikaze: Priority. Deal 0.4x opponent max HP as DoT for 2 turns. -75% opponent attack for 2 turns. Opponent swap-prevented for 2 turns. User HP reduced to 0. Delay:0.

Swap-Cunning Distraction: On swapping-in, remove opponent attack and critical increases, -100% opponent attack for 1 turn.

So, what do you think? It’ll be perfect for handling nitro Thors, and be one of the few creatures capable of swapping into a setup attack-buffer without being destroyed. It’ll probably also have some raid utility too.
All that while being easily countered by anything Immune/resistant to DoT, and anything with a good resilient move.


Oooooh I really like that design!

If you look at the design @BenauGr_FZ came up with, it has swap in distraction, so that should protect it long enough to get it and get out. They could also give it no escape to prevent your opponent from switching to a counter. And the 3300 HP gives it a bit more bulk than Haast. I think that would be viable.