A Hypothetical Level 80 Acrocanthosaurus

So I want Level 80 Dinosaurs in JWTG and here’s my idea of a Level 80 Acrocanthosaurus. Levels 50-70 will still have the Level 40 model but different colors getting closer to Level 80


Wait that’s me but super buffed!

All jokes aside I still don’t really want a lvl 80 creature. Imagine Indoraptor at lvl 80, or pachygalosaurus, and imagine pachygalosaurus lvl 80 with like 3 week cooldown




Wow, lots of time wasted for getting Pachygalo back if Level 80 exists.

So you went ahead and picked the creatures that don’t need a buff as an example?

Now imagine gorgosuchus at 80 or metriaphodon at 80 and it’s a whole different story, everyone wants that.

Being capped at 40s boring let’s make the jump.

If metri and gorgo go to lvl 80, so should pachygalo and indo
If some creatures go to 80, then the new level cap should he 80 too

That’s not what I was stating, of course every creature should be brought out of the level cap.

What I was getting at was the example you provided was aimed at why we shouldn’t have level 80 creatures when the opposite is true.

Cap cooldowns to a week also, gives more reason to get these creatures to higher levels then.

It was inspired by how the opponents’ creatures are so over-leveled when you do a Battle Stage Infinity.

What everyone asking for this seems to fail to understand is increasing the level cap just further pushes your opponent out in front.

As an example with the level 40 cap on our creatures we are already facing creatures equivalent to the lvl 80 cap you are suggesting, one of my F4F battles today:

If I were to increase the level of my creatures to this new hypothetical lvl 80 I would just be facing creatures equivalent to 120-160 lvl cap.

There would need to be an overhaul or cap to the opponent strength to get me on board with increasing our creatures lvl cap.


I know we are now but I have idea for a feature that you can further evolve your creatures using a thing called D-DNA (or Double DNA)

That still pushes the AI Creatures that much further out. No matter what level or what Ferocity we bring to the game, the AI can and will bring higher for events like Fight for Funds, Stakeholders’s Visit, Claim Your Territory, the MOD Event, Battle Buildup, and Battle Stage Infinity


I really don’t want to face like lvl 100 iraptor in F4F

But it does give us a chance to level up creatures we need at higher ferocities such as gorgosuchus to match our top end creatures strength.

It just gives us more options at the end of the day rather than what we are currently getting, more limitations.

In that sense it would be nice to fill in the existing holes of lineups with existing creatures by leveling currently capped lower creatures up to the Indoraptor strength space. But if all other game mechanics stay consistent almost any creature except VIP creatures maybe would head into 7 day cooldown time and that’s only if it’s capped, otherwise you would be looking at like a 2-3 week or more cool down for a lvl 80 Gorgosuchus.


I would hope that they cap it, kind of like how the hatchery is capped to 7 days.

It would give players more of an incentive to level beyond a certain point, not having to worry about their creatures reaching to a point of being unusable.

I noticed on other posts that players had limited their top rosters because of the lack of certain classes at the top mainly reef and amphibians, the level cap increase from 40 would just be another solution to the problem until we wait for something stronger than gorgo/lepto.

Personally I’m all for this idea.

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