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A Idea For Common SuperHybrid Talangasurus Rex by Fused of Alangasarus + Tyrannosaurus Rex S Dna

Talangasarus Rex is Mean By Fly King Lizard it’s like Trex Master Mind of Talanga And Trex Strength of Talangasarus Rex And Alangasarus is Common Hybrid So Talangasarus Rex is Common SuperHybrid.

Level 10 Health: 1254 Attack: 569

Level 20 Health: 1690 Attack: 976

Level 30 Health: 2007 Attack: 1357

Level 40 Health: 2435 Attack: 1768

A bit op. Let me add to that. It is common so
S-DNA cost: 1000 to fuse, 500 to buy
Lvl 10:
Health: 858
Attack: 389
Lvl 20:
Health: 1190
Attack: 530
Lvl 30:
Health: 1558
Attack: 789
Lvl 40:
Health: 2021
Attack: 1340

If you don’t like the stats you can keep ur own, this is just my opinion though


Ok your opinion so amazing stats are equal to common superhybrid

Ok the DNA cost first fuse 1000 and buy cost 500

Gonna have a the more Massive jaws :hugs:!