A idea

I am loving the new hybrids we got but Hyneria is one creature i and many others need. Please Ludia if it is possible to add it to this week schedule so everyone has a chance to earn this creature and seeing you add more hybrids for Jurassic creatures maybe now you can do it with aquatic?

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Sorry again for the bother but if Hyneria can’t be added this week then maybe next week and maybe giving it a hybrid would be cool. But loving the new hybrids especially with the newest one keep up the good work.

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Hyneria is one of those creatures that takes time to return to the unlock. According to the calendars and database, it has only had 3 unlocks from 2020 to date.

The last one in May of this year, so we will probably have it again the last 2 months of the year.

Of course there is the possibility that they put it before, but the odds play against them.


Oh ok gotcha thanks for the info.