A indo G2 counter?

I’ve been wondering that Cautious strike has distraction , evasive , and speed up. But secodontosaurus has Immune for distraction and the presice attack goes through evasive with could possibly kill indo G2. What do ypu think?

it might work. would need some simulations to actually test that theory.
i see it only working if seco can predict move order and take indo out in 2 attacks.

Obviously Oogway


The only actual counters are Geminititan, Ardentismaxima and Ardontosaurus. You need to know how to use them, otherwise they lose to it as well.

With shielded decelerating strike, Smilonemys is good at finishing off low health Indoraptor Gen 2s.

at equal levels, (no boosts) if indo g2 goes for CS twice and does not crit. smilon can win with 50 hp left.
(hopefully my math is correct.)

Cautious strike + Rampage from indor g2 kills seco tho

Anything immune or nullify. Maxima is a great counter to Indo Gen 2 because it is totally immune. Ardonta is another great counter to Indo Gen 2 because it is totally immune. I have tried these both and they eat Indo Gen 2 alive. Proceratomimus is another great counter because it has nullify and the speed to take out Indo Gen 2. Also it is totally immune. I have tried this and it works wonders. Indo Gen 2 can also be a great counter for another Indo Gen 2 since it has precise strike which cuts through evasive stance. Again I have done this and it works wonders. Even an overboosted Thor could take it out in either one or two hits. Once again I have done this. So basically anything that is faster than Indo Gen 2, has immunity, and has nullify can take out Indo Gen 2

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Ardent, Gemini, constrictor, ardont, quetzorion, one common can actually beat indo g2, I bring to you… ophiacodon!


Ah yeah Ophi the unsung hero

Um ya not sure about that last one bud

It is totally immune and has defensive shattering

I was gonna say the same thing. not seeing it, but i can be wrong.

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Well got to consider dodge and MF so there is that

I was checking it opho can be indo is indo doesn’t get a crit, doesn’t dodge, and doesn’t go for Mutual Fury.

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No seco looses to indo g2, CS + DSR is enough to kill, however your close, ophia stands a chance.

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Immune creatures don’t have to worry about Cautious Strike distraction.
Immune creatures with any type of deceleration render the Indoraptor Gen two 1 turn cloak useless.
Ardentismaxima Gemintitan and Ardontosaurus

Creatures with Superior Strike really frustrate Indo G2. It slows down IG2 making its 1 turn cloak useless and wipes out the distraction.
Consider Diorajsaur or Tenontorex
Carnotarkus if it has the correct boost set up (High health/Mid Damage/0 speed) Superior strike and Precise Rampage should take out most IG2
The same can be said for Dsungia.
A balanced boost set up, make them useless.

Dio also has a precise counter for full damage, it’s one of my favorite counters for indo 2. The instant invincibility is nice as well when indos shattering attack is on cooldown

Does the new unique snek beat it?

It depends we haven’t seen in action but theoretically yes

yes it does. tho constrictor will be down a considerable amount of health.
it’s a bit of mind games on turn 2. If indo goes MF constrictor has a higher chance of loosing.

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