A indot buff

Forgot to change its counter

Ummm :confused:

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Nope, buff the older unique like Maxi and tryko first. If indo needs a buff just give it bleed resistance and increase her stun resistance to 67% .


Indotaurus is pretty overpowered as it is, it doesn’t need any change honestly


Indot is fine,it doesn’t need any change


U guys can Decide

  • Big nerf :stop_sign:
  • Small nerf :stop_sign:
  • Big buff :stop_sign:
  • Small buff :stop_sign:
  • Nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Indot is one of my favorite creatures by design,plus it doesn’t need any change


I won’t stop until it gets nerfed. Im sick of this game msking briken dinos and doing nothing about it

Indot is balanced


You mispelled broken

Look at Imperatosuchus that thing will make you regret it


As @HolyPoly1026 (sorry for the ping) has said before indot is very good actually but is slowly being powercrept but anyway fi inot id nerfed some other dinos deserve to be nerfed too so indot become forgotten

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Indot is a fairly balanced unique (I know, shocker its jwa)
It doesn’t need this
current indot would be better if powercreep wasn’t as prevelant as it is.


It’s as fine as it is imo

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Also @Allan_Joseph It seems like you nerfed it more than you buffed it

It’s not nearly as broken as you claim it is. It could use some tweaks, but there are way more Dino’s that could use nerfs than Indot, which is falling out of the meta. Also you misspelled “misspelled”. If you actually want to make a nerf thread, go make one on Albertocevia or Imperato, or something that’s not Indot. Cause at this point it’s just annoying given you don’t make good claims against why it doesn’t need a nerf besides it just does. It would if there were more balanced things, but there isn’t, so let’s focus on the broken stuff that actually is truly broken, and not one Dino that’s slightly overpowered and is dying in the meta.


Just lowered its its counter from greater to normal in exchange for better resistances and moves

How is indot broken?

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I dont think u will u stop until everything gets nerfed or deleted