A indot buff




I don’t think indoT needs tobe buffed or nerfed but lets have a bit of extra fun so here’s my version
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just give me 1 good reason why it should be nerfed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you serious? First you want to buff imperto then you want to buff indot? Even if you nerf the counter, it’s terribly strong with cloak. Honestly you should apply for a job position at Ludia. I think it is balanced for once in the history of Ludia and should not be changed


U serious?u said to not nerf rexy

No Thanks. No need another creature with high damage that can break Shields.

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I only said that because Ludia has no clue what the definition of rebalance is and also she doesn’t really need a nerf. It’s just dominant roar in it self that is the problem.

Maybe change your name to ‘The_NERF’ :zipper_mouth_face:


want to know the problems?She can kill cunnings,she has a swap in without lockdown,she can has a 45% chance to one shot flocks,lower aet=rnas are filled with her,she only has 2 counters in the entire game and one of them can’t be used in tourneys

The reason she kills cunning’s is because of dominant roar

Lower arenas actually should get flock counters the swap in isn’t even the best thing

Yes that’s a problem but can’t you see that this problem is because of dominant roar? Literally nerf dominant roar and there is a whole new world of counters

The game is too easy


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theres still mkre problems,there is no lockdown with ber swap

most resilients counter flocks

nah its because of her swap in slow

megalotops exists

Yet they don’t. Better to at least have some form of a counter

What does megalotops have to do with anything?