A indot buff

Indotaurus is probably the most balanced creature in the game rn. But I can understand why you would want a buff, it can be slaughtered by toxic quills mix :skull_and_crossbones:

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IndoT is of interesting existence, a dino that can deal high damages and be frail and delicate at the same time. I even tried it in raids some times, need the right team setup though.

Issue is that RTC has a 3 turn cooldown, which kills raid usage. It can be really good, but you gotta account for that extra long cooldown.

Rexy needs a slight toning down
In the lower arenas flocks are annoying but they’re not a huge problem
I am currently in the Estates and my Ankylomoloch destroys flocks
Back when I ran them Megalotops and Ankylodicurus also worked well
Also here’s something that I don’t think many people do
Run an anti-flock flock
My Coelhaast kills Argenteryx Dodocevia and Tarbognathus easily
For this role Coelhaast is definitely the best but I think Sinokotaraptor could also work

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I run coel haasot the only reason it is anti flock flock is becasue of the 2 group moves and the speed but its damage is kinda low ngl

Yes exactly
And the damage is ok for a flock
A slight buff is ok but it’s still a very strong Legendary

ik why else would i run it? the moment i saw it in the release notes it was love at first sight

I got my haast to 15 and got the coel a week after the update i have been running it ever since

What arena are you in? Btw what’s your team


it weak i know but it holds it wieght

oops forgort to change it ankymolock is replaced with thor

I’d trade out Alloraptor for Ankymoloch then.

Megalotops counters flocks

Isn’t that what I’m trying to do?over here @PheonixLord5017 say as rexy doesn’t need nerf because flocks are a problem in lower arenas even tho megalotops exists

Again dominant roar needs a nerf. And what I mean by not nerfing rexy is that Ludia nerfs everything to oblivion (except for Ref), if Ludia would do proper rebalancing then I would be on board. I really just think that you are exactly picking up what I’m putting down

I suggesting to nerf dr and her swap in

I just have one question though. How do you nerf the swap in? Are you saying to change it?

Ir nerf the ability itself?

Just remove it

Yeah makes sense