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A Letter to Ludia- Change is needed

To the development team of Titan’s Uprising.

Enough is enough. Never before have I played a game, mobile or otherwise, that has had so many bugs and secrets. Every time you release an update it is filled with bugs, and more often than not, there is a major unexpected change that was not talked about. Your players are getting frustrated and are no longer enjoying playing the game. I am in one of the largest clan families of the game, and there are many people extremely fed up. First, you have a massive amount of changes to dragons that you claimed were “balances”. You had to come out and explain your reasoning and say “you think it’s fair but you’d be keeping an eye on it”. Then the next update you massively change the amount of energy rewarded for completing duties. Many of Astrid and Hiccup’s duties require you to spend 35 energy, and yet you only get 3 in return? That isn’t even enough to play one repeatable game, but sure that is “fair”… But yet again you had to come out and defend your decisions and we once again got the response of “you think it is fair but you’ll keep an eye on it.” Now, you have hyped up Dreadfall Toothless only to have your players discover that you have decreased the amount of trust points rewarded to your players on release day. The secret changes on updates are beginning to feel like deceit to your players and they see you as nothing more than people trying to trick players out of money. Where is the benefit of making a secret change to trust points? Where would be the harm to announce something like this. Maybe the other event chapters will give you more trust points, and then again maybe they won’t. But transparency would go a long way to ease the unrest you keep creating. This is supposed to be a game, it is supposed to be fun. And yet people are astoundingly angry.



Well said…I agree.


I could not word it better AussieWags, thanks


Absolutely my feelings! Could not have said it better.You give us less Trust points for the same amount of energy that we get in other Trust events (which is bad as it is) but at the same time you lowered the amount of energy per duty chest completed so it would be even harder so clearly all you care about is just ripping us off money through runes that we would have to spend to get this new Toothless since it is probably supposed to be once per a year event connected to Halloween. And you know people will want to get him this time really bad so you are making everything possible to get as much money from us as you can! Specifically for this event I saved up 10k runes but this would not be enough even for one copy thanks to the lowered amount of Trust points and lowered amount of energy. Shame on you!


I have written a lot but a lot. No one listened!! Who cares? Nobody.


I agree with every word. Ludia, I have tried to support you, but my patience is wearing very thin. Be careful that you don’t kill the golden goose with your money-grabbing tactics. Reducing the energy just days before a massive, very desirable trust even was bad enough, but reducing the actual trust points? Well that is just highway robbery.


Supposedly the next two trust trials are going to have more tp in them.


But the question of how much trust points hasn’t been answered and if you are a free player, that’s not a good enough answer to justify spending the energy on something you possibly have no chance of even getting. Not counting the boneknaper quest if you don’t spend any runes AND can beat the 7200 power final stage you get a whopping 213 trust points this first chapter. That’s not even one third of the points needed to get the event Toothless. This event reeks of free to play but pay to win.


Hello @AussieWags,

I hope this thread will answer some of your questions!

I am a f2p player so I understand that


That is a joke right? :joy: There is the same, the TP wil increase… So nothing new and nothing worth reading…

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Thank-you for the quick response. I appreciate you all taking the time to update us, but that thread proves the problem in a sense. Would it not have been just as easy to release that information before the event started to curb the shock and anger? Instead you let the event start, waited until you received a ton of backlash and then posted an explanation.


I totally agree, Aussiewags!

Also it seems very suspicious that Tapjoy seems to have been removed with this event…and what happened to the special Flight Club offer? Flight Club claims to have exclusive offers, but where are they now? Are we going to get different ones instead? Is something replacing the offer you removed? So is Flight club just going to get worse and worse? You promised us certain stuff with Flight Club and now you’ve removed one of the few things you get. Just seems like more of a cash grab when you remove ways for people to get runes without paying money and you remove the deal we paid for in Flight Club.

Also I’m glad the Flight Club chest has Dreadfall TP, except the whole energy nerf makes it less likely to get chests (since the nerf I only seem to get one a day). Also glad that you put Dreadfall TP in arena, but as it was, I couldn’t get enough medals to get all the Glaivedriver points a season. Now I have to decide? I haven’t played new arena yet, but I’m guessing I’m not going to be swimming in medals unless I pay for runes.

I know you need to make money, but do you need to make it this badly? I think you’re going to make less money if people stop playing the game because you annoy them so much with all your bugs and changes.


The Tapjoy is just a glitch. :wink:

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Has that been announced as a glitch?

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Yes, it has. It’s being looked into.


Nicely done, dude. I got your back !

Ok…I’m not quite as salty then. Is the Flight Club offer being gone a glitch, too?

Flight Club offer? What do you mean? As in to purchase the subscription itself? Or the 9.99 USD rune package specifically for FC members? I’m not a member anymore so I wasn’t aware that was an issue (if that’s what you meant).

The $9.99 rune package