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A Light Fury ability

Hello! I have a question about this dragon’s special ability.
A player can focus dragon fire on one opponent by tapping on it, right? Then why Light Fury can’t shoot at one opponent at the request of the player? I think it can help a lot in some situations…

Hi @Leinger!! :upside_down_face:

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You see, The Light fury can’t focus on one dragon at a time since she uses multiple fireballs among all the dragons you’re battling.

Example: The Zesty Zippleback uses a fire blast among all the dragons.
Just like that, The Light Fury uses multiple fireballs on each dragon.

Hope you get the idea!

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No, random means random. It’s a unique ability for now and it’s, like Mask sort of tried to explain - a medium between a single target attack(target foe) and AoE(all foes). It is not guaranteed to hit, for example, all 5 enemy dragons, but they all will get her debuff nonetheless. However, it can hit the same target more than once, and it can even shoot all the blasts into one target, which makes legit Lightfury a minor upgrade for Alpha fights vs Hide-fryer.
While in terms of raw dps she isn’t anywhere remotely remarkable, her unique attack can be utilized to finish off the waves with quite irregular enemy situation, where 1-2 enemies could be at 10% health, while the third is at ~30%. She won’t deal any “overkill” damage, which means that if she is calculated to kill a dragon - she will only hit it as many times as it would take.

Oh ok, it’s just that i deleted the game cuz I don’t play w it much and is lagging a but for me…

It’s a superb game! It’s just that I’m more on other games. Tho, we still thank Ludia for all it’s amazing games like rise of Berk!!