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A list of bugs that should be top priority to fix in next patch

Missing attack buttons
Extreme lag when receiving a phone call
Disabled scents in park areas
Alliance chat problems (newer messages show between older messages)
Names not showing when collecting Alliance donations
Friendly challenges not working properly
Trophy gain/loss seems reversed.
The so-called exploit that rerolls what creatures spawn with scents (which is still there)
Animation stuttering during winning animations
Freezing while darting (for some reason happens a lot with rare creatures)


Fix the chat already!!

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I’ll add that to the list, though I am not sure what is happening with it. Not much activity in ours but at least now we can actually type in it.

Message of 14 min ago showing between some of 15h and 13h ago :stuck_out_tongue:

In ours it just temporarily shows older messages and then scrolls to the bottom.

Names not showing when collecting donations

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Will relay this back to our team, Detonatress. Thank you!


Location sometimes not updating when the game loses focus for a while, requiring a restart.

Friendly Challenges rarely working.

Added to the list.

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Trophy gain/loss doesn’t make sense too.

Ah yeah, the reversed trophy win/gain where even winning against a bot awards you maximum trophies, even though they were supposed to be the weaker team you defeat.

I find when u have a friendly battle wiv an alliance friend u have 2 exit the game and restart it b4 u can msg them on ur chat room, dunno if this has happened 2 any1 else and dunno why this happens :thinking:

It’s difficult at this time to even manage to start a friendly battle. It says friend request failed.