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A list of dinos in classes we still need


  • VIP Snow Tank
  • Super Rare Snow Hybrid
  • Legendary Snow Hybrid
  • Legendary Cavern Hybrid
  • Tournament Legendary Cavern Hybrid
  • Super Rare Savana Hybrid


  • Legendary Surface Hybrid
  • Legendary Reef Hybrid
  • Tournament Legendary Reef Hybrid
  • Tournament Legendary Cave Hybrid


  • Tournament Legendary Hybrid Amphib Glass Cannon
  • Rare Super Hybrid Herb
  • Super Rare Super Hybrid Amphib
  • Super Rare Super Hybrid Ptera
  • Legendary Super Hybrid Amphib (Osta or Koola)
  • Legendary Super Hybrid Herb (Unay)
  • Legendary Super Hybrid Ptera (Suchopter)

This list is to point out the dry areas in the game, where dinos could be added to balance the game out. For example, adding a counter or two to the Surface in the Aquatic Park. The Indos are too strong for even the tournament hybrids, and is leagues above Gorgosuchus.


Also for the sake of fairness hopefully they don’t again make these Hybrids with locked base components. They already did enough with Carnoraptor/Dimetrocarnus and Geolasmosaurus. If they are going to make it a thing I’ll seriously reconsider keeping my VIP Subscription.

If they make hybrids of Tournament Creatures which some of us do not have unlocked then it’s absolutely fine because in the near future we have a chance of unlocking them at the right Tournament or CoT but Ludia has already revealed that as of now base creatures won’t be getting unlocks which makes it absolutely unfair to those that joined the Game late.


Same. Its like the rarity is just the power of a dino, and thus doesn’t matter. Elasmosaurus was what really changed my mind. I was fine with the others, but this seems to be a new trend…

For me it’s that we’ve gone forever without Ludia adding park expansions to Isla Sorna…


I would like the struthiomimus in tournament legendary, glass cannon :grin:

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Statistics struthiomimus: health 1871, attack 1206.

There is no easter bunny , there is no tooth fairy and there is no super rare savanah hybrid

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You forgot to list common s hybrids :rofl:

Common Amphibian Hybrid


Carnoraptor :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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How is that relevant to my thread at all? Please stop ignoring the contents of threads that aren’t yours.

This has nothing to do with what this post is about.