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A list of problems after recent update

Well, I tried to be patient and silent, but the recent update caused a LOT of issues I am quite frustrated with:

  1. Loading problems - sometimes the game just won’t load
  2. Aplha battle problems - Shellfire is broken. Some battles just don’t count to total score. (game counts 2 of 3 battles)
  3. Aplha battle start: I keep getting like 10 error 320 messages before the Alpha battle starts:

4) Clan management: Impossible to kick inactive player: getting error 260 message:


  1. Clan synchronization: someties after launching, game needs to synchronize with server - did not happen before.

Yes, I have contacted support.
Yes, I have tried all the points from your standard troubleshooting answer.
Yes, my phone is more than capable of running this game.

Sorry for stating it like this Ludia, but with any and ALL updates, there are way too many bugs. This is not a professional approach. People, who are paying for this game deserve better.
Could you at least provide a statement, when the bugs will be fixed? Thank you.


Same Problem happened after download the new patch! Got error 320 Which appeared to obstract beating alpha. Can’t join the clan and the rank was fallen down from 3 to 8. Also disappointed. Write to admin to report the problem and feedback action was so slow. I’m also a member of fight club chest so game admin should pay attention to the problem of member. I hope game admin notice my problem here as the alternative channel.

Hey Mr.Cancel and Aey_Raweewan_Raktham, I’m sorry to hear that you were having these issues since the last update. :sweat:

If you had already contacted our support team and received a reply, could you please follow up with our team as it will greatly help with their investigation?