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A list of suggestions I'd like to see

1. New sounds or variant of sounds for hybrid dinosaurs.

Something that always irked me was that the hybrid dinos still sound like the base-game dinos. If the hybrids are suppose to be a mash-up of 2 creatures, why not try merging the sounds of both dinos to get a demented sound for each hybrid?

2. More Expansion tile(s).

I have come across a few spaces that could be altered into expansion tiles.

  1. Right in front of the Asset Repository. (2 possible spaces)
  2. The land next to the ruined OG Jurassic Park Visitors Center.
  3. At the back of the park, next to the volcano, behind that one, lone tile (less than ideal, since it’s a small space with it being in a valley compared to the other locations)
  4. The front of the park, on the right side of the Jurassic World gate.

If not, then I have another idea, which mega pens seem like a better option:

3. Mega Pens

Another cool feature could be mega pens. That way you can store multiple types of dinos in 1 facility (that would look much cooler than the fences-based pens) kinda like the T-Rex enclosure from Jurassic World. That way you could have a bunch of herbivores grazing in a field, or carnivores in a unique environment. Possibly the Pteranodon pen from JP:III where it’s a foggy cliff face with waterfalls.

I think it would be a really cool feature, since we already have the Bio-dome with the Cenozoic animals. Heck, maybe we could even make the Bio-dome a peaceable/movable pen. Right now I have no space in my park and thus all my Common and Rare dinos are sent into jail (asset repository). Spit-balling even further, we could remove the AR and make that another tile to build on, and same with the Bio-dome if it’s a movable pen.

Much like the Bio-dome and the Lake, I think it would be cool to have mega-pens roughly the size of 2 tiles (large, but you’re actually saving space by sending roughly 10 dinos into the mega-pen), where you can select certain dinos to live there. I feel this would be good because:

  • the current pens are boring and old
  • loading the game could be faster since it doesn’t have to load the 3D assets per pen
  • save space
  • more dynamic settings, could even represent landmark places from the JP and JW franchisees.
  • possible coin production increase
  • DLC/cosmetic item I’d be willing to pay for, over card packs.

There could even be themes for each mega pen, like a cliff face with a lake and fog, much like from JP:III, or a flat grassland with gyrospheres in the back from JW. There’s a lotta possibilities,

4. Another PVE battle stadium.

We have the beach for the tours
We have the ruined visitors center for most of the daily fights
We have the starting paddock (IDK if its still in the game, its been YEARS since I started playing)

IIRC there is a helipad, but I haven’t played on it in a long time

I think it’s time to take the fights in other settings, like that one underground facility from JW:2 where the Baryonyx is introduced. Maybe even a geothermal plant inside/next to the volcano. I guess what I’m trying to say is, fighting in the ruined visitor center is getting old. The Cenozoic and Aquatic arenas are also getting old, but nothing tops the ruined visitor center.

5. Better VIP rewards/deals.

Honestly, nothing beats the 10k VIP packs, because you get more bang for your buck. Whereas with the 20k or 50k packs, it feels like a waste. Why not just take the VIP-exclusive dinos and put it in it’s own 10k pack, but only VIP players can buy it? Then lower the 20k guaranteed dino pack to 15k, since the 10k pack is still the best deal because you can get 2 dinos for the price of 1 20k pack.

Another thing is the DNA production facility. I get that Ludia didn’t want to make it pay2win, but they kinda already did that with the VIP dinos. Not a bad thing, but I’m currently at 750 per 12 hours, and I’m 153/176, and it feels like an eternity to upgrade the facility. I’d like a little less time per upgrade, since the cap is only 2000 per 12 hours, and that is a cake walk compared to the cost of late-game dinos.

6. Dino CD changed from “used” to how much health is remaining.

A thought that has been occurring in the back of my head is that dinos should have their cooldowns tied to how much damage they take in battle.

I’ve found this to be a huge problem when you get dinos that surpass the 24 hour CD period. For example, I have 3 lvl 40 Suchoripteruses, and each time I use one, it goes on CD for like 30 hours. Thus it feels too punishing to use them.

This also rewards dino rotations and making sure you keep all, or most, dinos alive.

7. Higher Food Production Facility Levels.

I’ve had my food facility maxed out for a while now, and I sit at ~40,000,000 food, but between feeding and leveling up dinos, it feels very slow, especially to have it run 24/7 for 1,440,000 per day. I’d like to see it reach 2,000,000 per day, or 330,000 per 4 hours.

8. The End-game dinos need to be toned back and rebalanced.

  • Indoraptor
  • Tourney-hybrids

Both need to be toned back. NOTHING should go past 7k health and 4k attack. The late game balance is awful, imo, and all these dinos need to be toned way way down.

Several late-gamers are experiencing problems with the dinos they get matched up against. I don’t personally have this problem, but I feel locked into maxing my VIP and hybrid dinos to level 30, so I don’t start experiencing these problems with balance. That means I’ll never get a viable tourney-hybrid, and I’ll never have an indoraptor in my park, What a shame, because I’m approaching 4k S-DNA.

These late-game dinos all have ridiculous stats, ridiculous cooldowns, and make for ridiculous opponents. There seems like no reason to get these dinos, because even theoretically if you had all of them at level 40, you’d be faced against those same dinos above level 40, possibly 50. That’s not even getting into the other dinos who would pass level 10k. The late game needs to be adjusted now that more and more people are reaching it, and more importantly, having a problem with it.

9. De-evolution.

I believe that you should be able to de-evolve your dinos in case you make them too powerful, which is another late-game problem. You want a level 20 Indoraptor, welp you better have a lot of tourney-hybrids to back you up, because every time you evolve you are risking trading in 2 dinos, which might be perfectly viable (I have 2 lvl 30 Ostaposauruses) which only reduce the amount of dinos you can fight with.

10. More Incubator Chambers and Evolution chambers.

As an end-game player, I have a whole backlog of dinos I need to hatch, and I’m going to spend Dinobux speeding them up, then I might as well have more chambers for the longer-hatch time dinos, such as tourney dinos or legendary-hybrids. This backlog is preventing me from selling them into DNA, which I am always scarce on since I have 3/4 chambers hatching tourney-dinos.

Maybe just add 2 more, each costing 75, and then 100 dbux. As for the evolution chamber, the 200 dbux for another pod seems like overkill, and there really isn’t a way to see what dinos need to be evolved. Sure, you can do it through the glossary, but I have a plethora of dinos, and it’s still hard to find 2 of the same level that I can evolve.

11. Infinite (or lvl 40 cap raised) levels increase for lower-tier dinos.

A lot of people have favorite dinos that are Common, Rare, Super Rare, or even base-game Legendary. I think it would be cool to allow players to dump massive amounts of food, maybe even dbux, for the possibility to bring these dinos to late-game.

Now I feel like evolving 2 dinos would get very cumbersome, since the higher you take those dinos the more resources it would take, but I think a good way to balance it out would be to make every 10 levels cost 1000 dbux to “evolve” them into the next level. That way it still costs DNA and Food, but there is a higher risk to taking 1 dino to higher levels, thus balancing it out.

At the very least, I hope these suggestions get the devs talking about expanding the content of this game, and refining some growing problems within the late game.

Overall, this is my only app-game and I very much enjoy it, and I have proudly been a VIP player for many years now, and I hope to see this game grow and get better. It’s already had a long journey and I really enjoy the dinos in it and the constant feeling of getting rewarded from competing battles, these are just some suggestions that I feel could make the game feel more complete.


Elimination noises for synapsids. I really like the idea of having the possibility for a level 50 common

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Much in agreement with Bae’s suggestions, especially de-evolution (or devolution or whatever).
Also, there’s that volcano on the isle that might be turned into something interesting.
And so much ocean all around the isle, but I only have ideas crazy enough for Odd Squad or the Twilight Zone.
But the down-to-isle proposals from Bae, hope the devs take good, honest looks into.
Actual PvP would be awesome too, where players can pre-arrange battle schedule.
Whoever doesn’t show up forfeits the fight, or you can instate penalties and such.

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