A little advice for my team please!

Hi guys! I’m struggling a little bit with my team. My top row of dinos are my top picks and I’m not looking to change them, my indom is serving me well for now, but the rest of my dinos are just not doing it (except for my purutaurus on occasion, but I still love her!) As for other uniques, I’m getting so close but I’m still waiting for the hard to find, essential fusing dinos (toujunga, tenonto, etc). Any advice!?

Edit: I’m not sure if the picture worked so my team right now is Erlidom, Thor, Indo, Utahsino, Indom Rex, Stegogod, Purutaurus, Edmontoguanadon

The link isnt working for me so cant see your team. Try posting a direct screencap like this.


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Two words… Boosts

Thank you GorrillaGlue! Just did!

Lol yeah, most of them are boosted but even the weaker members who are boosted are just not holding their weight :frowning:

Where are you trophy-wise?

3927 right now but I usually bounce from the 3700s to the 3900s

I know you said you don’t want to replace your top row, but I think it might help your matchmaking to take out your level 23’s. I’m curious to see if that would put you in a better spot against opponents.

Okay! I’m so used to those guys I’m not really sure who to replace them with, most of my fusion dinos are at level 20s (diloran, paramoloch, tyranolophosaur, etc) do you think those guys would work if boosted?

I would swap indom for mono and I would swap stegod for para, but thats just me.

I would swap in mono for cloakers who are ready to do x4 (or big damage) or on instant charge dinos like thor and utasino after turn 1 so they waste their instant charge and never get a stun.

I would trade para just for the auto swap, works great with edmonto who is already on your team or with dracorat.

I agree that you should keep top row, those are solid dinos.

I would also try to refrain from boosting hybrid ingredients if possible. It may help you now, but will cripple you down the road. There are exceptions like utasino etc.

I changed my team up so that it’s more even and I don’t know what going on with the matching system.because I’ve been consistently losing to level 24 and 25 thors and indos

Thank you! I’ll try it out!

I would definately put Erli and Thor back in just to counter that damn rat. You will regret not having them available, at least imo anyway.

Thank you! I just did!

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At your rating I would replace Stegodeus with Allosino (but don’t level it, save DNA for Thor).

It would be like having a mini Thor because that Instant Charge is killer in this Meta!
When you can manage to draw Allosino AND Thor and even better maybe Utahsino thats three instant charges you got there!

I have ran into Thor + Allosino teams and its lethal!

Thank you!! Will do!

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