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A little advice for your venture into those side tournaments

So today there is a tournament that is all commons with no limits on levels or boost.
How should you approach this type of tournament?

  1. You have to look at the prize first, and see whether it is worth battling for and ask “yourself where would you rank with minimal investment of resources?”
    You might not want to waste your resources or time on something that has very little value.
    In this particular instance the prize for a Top 500 or better player is an incubator that could give some rares and a decent bit of hard cash. Top 50 is An epic incubator that can give very nice hard cash.
    Weigh it out. How many commons and rares from those incubators are worth the use of resources to level up dinosaurs to be competitive for this tournament?

  2. What resources should you invest into this type of tournament?
    You may be tempted to look at certain hard to get commons that seem plentiful and say. "I will never use these commons again, because Ludia, won’t make something new with them.
    Don’t ever assume that.
    Miragaia is the most powerful dinosaur in the common environment, but also has two hybrids, and one just came out with the new update.
    Leveling these creatures take a lot of coin to be competitive. There are going to be people who level Miragaia and Phorusrhacos and regret it later.

  3. Ask yourself “what teams would you face?”
    Make assumptions about your competition.
    Say. “My competition does not understand resource management and will invest tons of coins and even boost into these commons.”
    You will actually see people invest the equivalent of more than 10000 hard cash worth of boost, into their dinosaurs, because competition will override reason. Ask yourself. “Do I want to face that and invest in boost also?”
    My advice on investing boost into anything that is not high apex and tyrant, is a hard no, but people play games differently. Some don’t like to manage resources with the best value versus reward type basis.
    That being said. There will be teams out there in the top 100 that are filled with commons that are all over level 26 and boosted. Many teams will have level 30 dinosaurs.

  4. Remember to have fun. If it is not fun, it is not worth it.


i saw a boosted velo for the lucky 8 tournament. it’s honestly not that worth it. unless you really feel the top themed inc is going to be a equal to or better than the coin, HC, boosts that you put in. (it’s usually not) and that you can get to those spots.

just play and have fun. if you max supply drops, you can make back the 16 HC entry fee (for this tournament) in a day.

I approach it the same way as any tournament: If I can get two or three ‘wins’ under my belt and double my investment, I’m good. If I have to battle to get into the top 1000 or 500 to return my investment, then no. It is not worth my time investment.

This one I will enter, top 20,000 will more than double my investment. Even though the last one I entered gave me a lot of headaches with disconnects, I was able to double my investment without spending a whole weekend battling.


I do the same. If I have to finish top 500 to get a decent amount HC I’ll pass.