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A little dissapointed

There hasnt been any update on one of the female characters since last tuesday

At least in my eyes, what makes it more disappointing is that we got a female character who had a male counterpart. They could’ve added a character with two male counterparts. I know the target audience of this game is women, so the male characters are more popular, but some more love for the female characters wouldn’t go amiss.

I really hope they aren’t done with Fei already. If they are they need to bring back a female that’s in theme with the season but not a seasonal character. There are plenty of choices.

Crossing my fingers that we will see Vitoria really soon.

Felicia, Sage, Hazel, Jasmin would be nice

If they do bring back Hazel, I hope they bring back a regular female alongside her, like Clementine or Dahlia. Otherwise, I won’t have any matches for a few weeks.

Welp today it’s Cianan :disappointed_relieved:

If I didn’t have Back 4 Blood to help me curb my frustration, I would literally be screaming into my pillow right about now.

Maybe Tuesday Sage or Jasmin returns

Huge dramatic sigh goes here…

I like the headless horseman but I want Fei back. I dislike Hazel…

Any other female please.

I agree about Fei but I want Dahlia, Jasmin, Felicia, Sage, Aesha, Susan also

I hope that a female will return on Tuesday, but I’m sceptical. This whole thing is just another example that Ludia doesn’t seem to care all that much

Plus the random drop of characters makes no sense

It’s like the way they decide is by throwing darts at a dartboard with pictures of characters on it, and whichever photo a dart hits is who they bring back.