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A little fail with bucks

Hey guys, I had done a little fail… I used like 600 bucks by accident. To be short and simple, I clicked on my incubation center and I accidently clicked to speed up a T-rex. So I lost something like 600 bucks. I was wondering if it is possible to give me my bucks back or just roll back my save a bit to before I used my bucks on that t-rex. So yeah, thank you for helping me and have a good day! ^^

You can try to ask Ludias support but I’m absolutely sure that it is not possible.
Consider it as a lesson to be careful. Something similar has happened and still happens to all of us.
I hit the speed up button more than once by accident when I just wanted to scroll through the dino list in the pre battle window.


I asked, let’s hope I can get them back