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A little help,please?

Hey guys,what’s up? Sooo here I am again and I’m just having some questions for you guys since I’m having some trouble leveling up some of my dragons ability.
Soo you see I got a 4 star razorwhip(I can’t remember the name) and it’s a blue one.I had like a lot of blue 2 stars and even 3 stars to level and improve its ability.Buuut I’m just like… having trouble leveling the ability. Recently I trained it to 2* but still the ability so hard to level up. I’ve tried leveling it up with only blue dragons,hoping I would level its ability…and still I cant.I just find it very difficult ya know it can be from me but like almost every blue dragon I had(for leveling up) are almost gone. For example if I want to level up the ability of my 4 star whispering death there is no problem. The same problem occurs with my 4 star boneknapper and some more dragons.Any advice will be highly appreciated!

The fastest way to level up spirit is to use duplicates. Every same dragon will increase the spirit-up chance by 25%. Get 4 dupes and you have 100% chance of raising the spirit level.

Other than that, using 10 dragons at once will increase it much faster. Other than that it’s mostly down to luck.

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3-star Sheep give 10%, 4-star Sheep give 15%, 5-star Sheep give 30%.

Best way to collect Sheep is through Arena.

Okay I will try your advices! Thank you for the help guys!

Alway use dragons and sheeps of the same color to level it up. And normally I would start worrying about ability level when it’s at full star level one.