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A little help plz

So I’m about to add constrictor and tryko to my team, but I’m wondering who ima drop

Also Thor isn’t boosted and x means it’s not coming off

raptor trike looking fella and thor i think

hard to say. but i wouldn’t replace monosteg at all. you can get some really good team play with it and constrictor.

Yeah the bleed plus sia

I was thinking indom

If you want a bleeder on your team, do NOT replace monostego. It’s swap-in is the best in the game (that is on a creature currently) and works well with bleeders. I would ditch alloraptor because it has the exclusive allo gen 2 and it can get a hybrid, so I’d hold off on that. If you really want alloraptor, then ditch thor. Thor is pretty bad. Tryo is really good and can be carried to the end game. Utahsino isn’t bad either and can be a late game option. Indom should be replaced by tryko (when you get it). Thor should be replaced as it’s tied with allosino for the worst of the sino hybrids

Use Tryko instead of Indom. Do not use constrictor.

why not? constrictor is fun.

Plus monsteg

I would drop Thor, but that dsr is a big hit

I’ll test this week for worst team member

Thor’s high crit chance can be very powerful. So I’d say keep her, at least for now. I don’t know how useful she is in the highest arenas, I’m currently only in low Aviary. I’d say replace Indom with Tryko. Tryko is just way better in my opinion. As for what to replace with Spinoconstrictor, I personally just replaced my own Utasino with him. I’m not going to suggest you do the same yet, though. I haven’t had a chance to use my Spinoconstrictor in the arena yet, so I don’t know if my Utasino was the right thing to replace quite yet.

I would replace monostego or uhtahsinoraptor. I’m trying to get my indom up to lvl 21. So far, I’m 1/3 way there. I am spending all my attack and speed boost on my indom and health boosts on procerat. Should I spread them out for now but I don’t think I will keep any other members on my team except for tryo.