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A little help with my Second Account

I recently made it to Lockwood Mansion on my secondary account.

And I would like to know if my team is good for this arena. I’m getting along well with this team, but I miss a bleeder and I don’t know if 3 sprinters are a good option!

This account is just for fun, where I only use non-hybrid creatures … But recently it’s not so much fun.

Any suggestions that help me will be welcome … and one thing that can help: I ​​live in area 3 :wink:

Are you trying to get as high as possible, levels and arenas?

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Good question!

Well, honestly yes… I think is difficult a team of creatures like mine to get this far, but I would like to improve my team because I’m almost falling out of the arena…

You should just level up your diplodocus as that’s a top tier nonhybrid. One to really go for is Marsupial Lion. You just boost the hp, and it can wreck creatures like gemini and maxima. Ornith beats magna, so keep that, and then try to get carbonemyes, as it beats creatures like erlidom


Thanks for the suggestions! :smiley:

I’ll try to apply these creatures to my team (I’ll just wait for update 1.15 to arrive) :eyes:

NP. I’d avoid leveling thylacotator so you can get the lion dna

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I will definitely do that!

personal fave non hybrid is Allo G2. although i’m also partial to titanoboa.

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Titanoboa was one of the Creatures I thought about putting on the team … I feel like I could take Pachy’s place.

that may be a better option. boa has more health with the same attack. but i wouldn’t count pachy out entirely. she still has some swap utility where boa doesn’t. for me, it’s a toss up.

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Titanoboa is better than pachy due to the Indo gen 2 matchup as well as the on escape rampage. The only problem is leveling it up

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I forgot about a creature with a winning matchup against mammolania: baryonyx. Bary is not a bad idea and I would level it up alongside your current team that you have (tournaments and other shenanigans)

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