A little info on new Treasure Chest event


I walked around my neighborhood for 2 hours. I also drove a two hour round trip from Trenton New Jersey to Center City Philadelphia. I seen zero treasure chest on both trips. How is this possible that there our treasure chest and a new event taking place yet I’ve seen none on both trips totaling 4 hours. Has it even started yet? A little info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Treasure chest event is over. Unless there’s a new one that I’m not aware of.


I think the NEWS section is confusing you. I did the same thing, thought they were bringing it back again because it was on top… apparently the newest news is on the bottom…


The treasure chest info is for a new weekly event that will last 24 hours. If you click on the news picture it will take you to the info page. I don’t think this weeks 24 hour period has taken effect yet.


[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase. All the info is here aside the actual day it will happen.


Ok thank you. So there is a new event and it will only last 24 hours. OK cool. Thanks again.


Oh this is Nice thank you. As of this being one of my favourite games my guilty pleasure. Thank U thank U thank I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more coins make my dinos more powerful and upgrade them. This is definitely a great way to keep your people playing. I was Starting to look :eyes: for a new game that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg And my first born. Thank you