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A little push for Tryko

With the meta shifting heavily in favor toward the big bad Apex dinos, dinos once considered a menace are started to look…questionable in the mix. Never did I think I’d hear talks of Tryko being battle fodder/opener bait. Tryko has always been one of the Unique kings!

To contend with the ever evolving meta, what if Ludia were to consider giving Tryko back his slowing effect to his Medium Counter? Back when he once had this it was considered quite overpowered, but now it seems like it’s fitting for him to contend.


I’d want to see the effects of weakening some of the Apexes first. Refrenantum and Haast Max (based on datamined info) seem like they’ll be okay, but the others can and should eat nerfs of varying degrees (Bax needing the smallest nerf probably just to a couple of resistances, and Magnus needing the biggest). Otherwise, that’s inviting power creep which I would like to avoid


a nerf on bax! I haven’t unlocked it so I can’t really say it needs one or not, but this is the first time I’ve seen this. I would have thought it needed like a minor speed buff or something based off what some have said about it being decent or a bit underwhelming


after using a boosted bex for a little bit, it’s honestly pretty fine. does what it needs to do well, but is shut down pretty hard by resilient and armor. it’s low base speed holds it back against faster cunnings as well, but it makes some of that back up with its shear bulk.


They have to nerf apex, not to buff tryko.


I’m using a boosted bax for testing and he is completely fine! Does what it needs to. Instead magnus and lux are totally broken


While I love tryko considering it has resilient impact giving it any slowing counter would not be a good idea. It just be better to nerf the apexs


Although I would be on board with Tryko getting a little love I do think bringing the Apexs down a peg is the best solution. A nerf to Cera would go a long way to balancing the arena, a nerf to SiSS would go even further


I’d rather give Tryko and Dio immunity to stun. Makes sense, all that armor should be like a helmet for impact :relieved:


Sad rinex noises

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Cheeto Dust Dracoceratops ain’t gonna win that fight anyway!


Currently, yes, it’s fine because we’re still in a meta where Resilients stomp Cunnings and Hadros & Magnus are the best dinos by a country mile… however… Look at Bax’s matchups against non-Resilients. Heck, look even at its matchups against some Resilients. It’s very strong–oppressively so against Fierce, and it’s pretty powerful against a large number of both Cunning & Resilients (loses to things like Spyx & MLania, but beats a fair number of others, in large part thanks to Nullifying). As it stands, people are talking right now in GP about their boosted Bax 3-0ing teams. It’s not underwhelming at all, just not on the same absurd level of power as the other three Apexes.

That being said, I would be okay with Bax getting a Speed buff in exchange for some nerfs. Give it like +4 Speed, -25% Bleed Resist and Rend Resist, and -50% Stun Resist. That gives Fierce a slightly better chance against it (meaning if you get a bad draw, Bax doesn’t singlehandedly stomp the whole team), and also allows you to swap in on it. It’ll realistically still win every matchup it’s intended to win.

I don’t see how giving Tryko a decelerating counter would help the meta.
It’d only further marginalise cunnings (i.e. Tryko could swap in and suddenly outspeed them).

Plus, most of the Apexes are immune to slowdown, so I don’t know how that’d help it compete with them.


fine by me. i felt it was a little too slow to begin with. tho personally i’d like it to be in the low 120s for speed.

120s is where I think you’d need to start at looking at cutting down on its health or damage some. Look at the supposed stat spread for Haast Max, for example: 4350, 1550, 128, and no T1 impact. By comparison, Trebax has 4500, 1600, 113, and T1 Impact. The speed is a big limiting factor on Bax, and while I think you could bump that up some, I think by the time you’re pushing past 120, that’s when you have to start looking at toning down some of its other stats since it’s bringing more health and more firepower to the table than Haast Max, which to me on paper looks to be roughly where I think an Apex should be (slightly worse than Bax now, but still near the top among all creatures)

I actually played around with giving Tryko this counter back, but swapping resilient impact for decelerating impact, and it was surprisingly balanced (even with it’s current stats). Go test it out on the Toolbox and see what I mean!

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Meanwhile Dioraja is wanting Stun immunity and Decel Immunity.

Why do you want to nerf gorgotrebax? It’s not even a perfect counter against the fierce creatures! It’s fine as it is. It more or less counters thoradolosaur and mortem rex at least slightly more reliably than erlikospyx and it helps with all the SISS creatures running around and shuts down the plague that is dracoceratops. It gets destroyed by resilient creatures. Out of all the apex creatures it’s the only that makes sense at the moment.


i can totally agree with that. whatever happens with it (even if nothing happens) i still love Bax. It’s so versatile already and just having the ability to make it fit with the rest of a team composition works so well.
favorite Apex and definitely in my top 5 favorite creatures.

only reason i wanted it faster was becasue of the stupid nitro chompers in aviary that i have to contend with.

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It’s the best Cunning right now, hands down… Yes, it is about as perfect a counter to Fierce as you’re likely going to get. It’s a considerably more reliable counter to Thor & Mortem than Spyx–even with distraction, Spyx is put comfortably into swap range by a set-up Mortem. Bax is not. That’s huge value that cannot be understated in a chomp-and-swap meta. Bax gets destroyed by some Resilients. Not all. Bax fares considerably better against most Resilients than pretty much every other Cunning, except maybe the brand-new Compsocaulus. It hard shuts down Fierce, and even among Cunnings, it’s only beaten by a very small handful.

As I said, it seems fine now because it’s being compared to Hadros, Mortem, and Magnus, who are all on another level entirely, but that doesn’t mean Bax isn’t and won’t be an issue. Bax plays very strongly into the rock-paper-scissors aspect of the class system (which I don’t think many people will say is a good thing), except it’s a pair of scissors that beats quite a few rocks and most other scissors as well. It does to the Fierce class what Resilients do to Cunnings right now, and yes, that is a problem. Fierce should not be completely helpless just because you played a Bax. That’s bad game design and is what has been plaguing Cunning since 2.0 dropped with Resilients, and it sucks. That being said, I don’t think Bax is nearly as much of an issue as the other three, which is why I said that it needs the smallest nerf (or even a rebalance, as I discussed with Qiew), mainly targeted at its resistances so that it doesn’t completely and totally shut down Fierce statuses (which is important since Cautious Impact pretty much shuts down any standard Fierce attack, so Rending & Bleeds will help alleviate that punishment slightly) and so that it can be punished with stuns, which largely helps out Resilients but helps a few Cunnings as well.